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Hot Clicks: Denver Nuggets cheerleaders, Tim Tebow underwear

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Denver's Destruction

Nuggets cheerleaders :: Getty Images

When a team wins an NBA playoff game by 58 points, as the Denver Nuggets did last night, you tip your cap, give them props and link to their cheerleaders and this classic video.

Classic Bobby Knight

A reporter from the Netherlands recently made the mistake of asking Bobby Knight about his infamous chair-throwing incident. Not surprisingly, an expletive-filled answer was given.

Yes, Yes, Yes

The NFL may move the first round of the draft to Thursday night.

Gator Undergarments

Teebows :: Courtesy of

Via the Deuce of Davenport comes, where female Gators fans (or male Gators fans who are comfortable with their sexuality) can buy -- you guessed it -- Tim Tebow-inspired underwear.

First-Pitch Follies

There have been many lists/photo galleries done about the worst first pitches in history. But this feature by The Max has several photos I've never seen before, including a disturbing image of Al Roker and a picture of Sgt. Slaughter.

The Gift Of Wang And Colon

Holy Taco has found 12 unintentionally funny sports headlines. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Blog Of The Day

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SI Recommends

Mike, of San Diego, says, "Hi, Jimmy. I have a feeling that a lot of your readers are from the college crowd, and as a soon-to-be Vanderbilt graduate, I have felt the crunch in trying to find a job in journalism. My friend and I created a blog that chronicles the process of getting rejected, and we were hoping that you could post the link so that we could get people to contribute their own rejection letters to the site."

Random Links

The St. Louis Cardinals have a new team song, and it's set to the tune of the Allman Brothers' Ramblin' Man. ... It's always funny when someone gets busted for lying about a sick day. ... For no reason, new pics of Megan Fox.

Twitter And Facebook

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Sports Video Of The Day

Matthew Stafford read the top 10 list on David Letterman's show last night. Not a strong effort by Stafford or the writers, but No. 8 is solid.

Bull Video Of The Day

I was all prepared to tell you to watch this unbelievable video of a bull that somehow entered a supermarket. But what's even more amazing than that is the guy in the video who, at the one-minute mark, apparently thinks a shopping cart is going to protect him from said bull. (Thanks to Martin, of Glasgow, Scotland, for the link.)

Social Experiment Video Of The Day

It takes a while for this to get going, but see what happens when a guy charging $2 for a hug invades the territory of a guy offering free hugs.

Slap Chop Video Of The Day

It's hard to see anything about Vince or the Slap Chop and not think about the fact that he was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a prostitute. But this rap was too good to pass up.

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