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Hot Clicks: Blackhawks Ice Crew, Erin Andrews not engaged

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Let's Root For The Blackhawks To Win The Cup

Blackhawks Ice Crew :: Courtesy of

Since hockey doesn't get tons of love in Hot Clicks, I wanted to start today by mentioning the Penguins-Capitals series, which opens Saturday. Even I know Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin is a big deal. Plus, I wanted to share this piece of information, via Neil Best of Newsday. If Game 1 goes past one overtime, NBC will dump the Penguins-Capitals in favor of the Kentucky Derby, and you'll have to find Versus to watch the rest of the game. While researching the Web sites for the Penguins and Capitals to find a picture suitable for Hot Clicks, I learned neither team has cheerleaders, dancers, an ice crew or whatever hot chicks who keep fans entertained during downtime are called. So, I had to improvise. I noticed that the Blackhawks are kicking off their series against the Canucks tonight. That led me to Chicago's Web site. Guess what? They have an ice crew, and it's top notch, as proven by Jenna (left) and Ashley.

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m.: This is why someone who hasn't watched a hockey game since the Rangers-Canucks Stanley Cup in 1994 shouldn't be writing about hockey. The Capitals DO have cheerleaders. They're called the Red Rockers. My apologies. (Thanks to Dusty, of Washington, D.C., for the info.)

Not A Dwyane Wade Fan

Hawks play-by-play announcer Steve Holman got fed up with some of the antics that took place in last night's Atlanta-Miami game, and unleashed some classic radio.

David Cone's One-Track Mind

The Yankees analyst used an interesting line during last night's Yankees-Tiger game.

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Erin Andrews :: Courtesy of

Last Friday, Hot Clicks linked to an AOL Fanhouse interview with Erin Andrews. The inbox immediately started to fill up with inquires about the ring on Andrews' finger. There was serious panic in Hot Clicks nation. Ray, of Seattle, said, "Jimmy, please tell me it is NOT so! I was watching the video of Erin Andrews' interview and while her hand was moving around, I noticed something sparkling on her ring finger! Is she engaged? Is she off the market for guys who ogle her like us? What is the story?" Drew, of Chicago, said, "Was Erin Andrews sporting an engagement ring during her EA Sports interview? If so, who's the [SOB] ... lucky guy?" Scott, of Columbus, Ohio, also kept a keen eye on Andrews during the weekend's NFL draft coverage and sent this: "Is it just me, or does E.A. have a ring on her left ring finger in the Fanhouse video that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring? And I thought I saw a ring on her finger during Saturday's draft coverage as well, but not during her Sunday draft "interviews" with the Cosbys. Was I under a rock when E.A. got engaged, or did some lucky bastard (err, Man of the Year) just shatter the dreams of every red-blooded man (myself included)? Please tell me all hope is not lost, and that I'm just seeing things." So, as any hard-hitting journalist would do, I went right to the source and e-mailed Andrews. She wrote back yesterday and simply said, "So about the engagement....NO!!!!!" Everyone can now breathe easy.

Must-Read NFL Draft Story

Those Raiders are always up to something wacky.

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