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Barcelona staring at long fall down

It just doesn't feel right doing our rundown midway through the Champions League semis. Too many things are up in the air, and too much could change in less than a week. To make matters worse, we're doubting our own rule to include at least one non-European club in each edition as the inconsistency reigns in Latin America (and makes us, truth be told, start to look at Kashima Antlers for some spice this week). So we'll call this week's rundown -- to borrow a phrase we don't hear enough anymore -- the Hanging Chad Rankings.

Meanwhile, if you're missing a good e-mail spam scam to giggle at, check out the best one I've ever received at my Throw-Ins Blog -- this one was schemed up especially for us, fellow footie fanatics. Enjoy!

Note: All rankings, records and statistics are through April 29.

World Soccer Power Rankings

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