Hot Clicks: Kristin Cavallari, casting athletes in Star Trek

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Calling All Trekkies

Kristin Cavallari, Hayden Panettiere :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With Star Trek hitting theaters this weekend (and already pulling a 95 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes), has recast the flick using sports figures. The movie also prompted this e-mail from Hans, of Alpharetta, Ga., "So, the new Star Trek looks good, and I've never had any interest in Star Trek. Here's a great gallery from the premiere." I'd like to thank Kristin Cavallari and Hayden Panettiere for being there.

Speaking Of Movies...

In honor of The Wrestler coming out on DVD last week, you should take this quiz.

One Last Movie Link

Fat Pickle wants you to recast a new version of Caddyshack.

Oh, THAT Explains It

Ron Artestexplained his ejection from last night's game against the Lakers with an, um, interesting story. He told reporters, "I understand it's the playoffs. I remember when I used to play back home in the neighborhood. There was always games like that. I remember one time, there was um, one of my friends, you know, was playing basketball and they was winning the game. It was so competitive they broke a piece of leg from a table and they threw it. It went right through his heart and he died right on the court. So I'm accustomed to playing basketball really rough."

Ron Artest :: AP

Amazing Parodies

Spoofs of the NBA's "Where Amazing Happens" promos are all over YouTube. Luckily, has compiled the best of the best. The Zach Randolph one is comedy gold.

Don's Dirty Mouth

It's one thing when someone on TV screws something up and lets out an expletive. It's another when they just casually drop the f-bomb into their analysis, as Don Cherry did a few days ago.

So Long, Scrubs

The oh-so-underrated sitcom aired what may have been its final episode last night, and while most shows screw up its series finale, Scrubs did not disappoint. (There's a chance the show could come back next year, but without Zach Braff as a regular.) I won't spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen it yet. For those of you who have, how great was the book J.D. gave Dr. Cox? Anyway, let's pay our last respects to the show and Dr. Elliot Reid with this clip. And for those who watched it, this article does a great job of summing up the episode.

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Sports Video Of The Day

What's more impressive than the beer pong shots that were featured in Tuesday's Hot Clicks? Golf pong shots. (Thanks to Mat Bevis, of Gainesville, Fla., for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

The folks at Davidson College really enjoy their eating facility. They've remade I Love College into I Love Commons. The key here, though is the appearance of Stephen Curry at the 57-second mark and again at the 1:55 mark. Curry clearly shoots a basketball better than he sings. (Thanks to Greg Scott, of Charlotte, N.C., Drew, of Austin, Texas, and Iain Addleton, of Macon, Ga., for the link.)

Follow-Up Video Of The Day

Erica Montgomery, of Nashville, Tenn., says "Noticed your 'Music Video of the Day' toddler Drake Dixon lip singing Randy Houser's Boot's On. Just wanted to let you know Randy decided to use him in his video ... if you are interested you can see it here. It's great!" (Thanks to Drew Knoblauch, of Washington, D.C., who also pointed this out.)

Randy HouserMore CMT MusicMore CMT Music Videos

Commercial Of The Day

To follow up on yesterday's horrible car commercial,'s Sarah Spain says, "I'll see your horrible car dealer commercial, and raise you Eagleman." (Thanks to James C., of Frederick, Md., who also sent the link.)

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