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Sanchez's Squeeze

Hilary Rhoda:: Raphael Mazzucco/SI

Yesterday, Hot Clicks linked to a risque photo shoot new Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez did for GQ. Sanchez was joined by a lovely lady, who generated some e-mail. "Jimmy, I couldn't figure out why you'd link to those Mark Sanchez pics," said Michael Bucco, of Seattle, "but after seeing the hottie with him, now I know why you did. Who is she?" Alec W., of New York, said, "Jimmy, I have a question that I know only you can answer for me. Who is the chick in that GQ photo spread that Mark Sanchez is ruining by being there?" It's funny you guys should inquire about the model, because after some extensive research -- actually, all I did was read today'sNew York Post -- I can report that the woman featured with Sanchez is model Hilary Rhoda, who just happened to appear in SI's Swimsuit Issue this year.

WWE Verus Denver Nuggets: Day 2

The best part of this feud? Funny Photoshops and doctored video. On a side note, the results from yesterday's poll were interesting, as 57 percent of you think Monday Night Raw should be held in the Pepsi Center, while 43 percent of you think it should be the Lakers-Nuggets game.

George Brett = YouTube Sensation

You must watch this clip ofGeorge Brett going OFF about the criticism Royals manager Trey Hillman faces. When you're done with that, search YouTube for "George Brett has a story to tell" for an even better video -- I can't link to it because of subject matter -- of the former third baseman.

I Ain't Sayin' She's A Gold Digger ...

No, this isn't an item about a woman dating a man for money. It's an item about a woman who dug for gold at Citi Field during last Wednesday's Braves-Mets game. Apparently a fan dropped a piece of gold into a toilet and then got her arm caught in said toilet as she tried to get the piece of gold out. Oh, and did I mention the piece of gold wasn't jewelry? It was a tooth. And I don't even want to think about whether she planned on putting the tooth back in her mouth.

Terrell Owens :: AP

The Joe Morgan Haters Will Enjoy This

Yesterday, I mentioned that WFAN's Mike Francesa ripped Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips to shreds at the top of his show Monday. Click this link, and fast-forward to the 8:20 mark for all the good stuff.

In Case You Missed It

There are three items that have been posted on over the past couple of days that I think might interest you. We have an NHL Playoffs Ice Girls gallery, a Lingerie Football League gallery and a new weekly feature where a few guys riff on a bunch of random topics over e-mail.

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Sports Video Of The Day

The Terrell Owens love affair in Buffalo is strong. Check out the Bills' wide receiver doing the sports report for a local newscast.

Graduation Video Of The Day

With this being graduation season, I'd like to see one of you try this, but with a Hot Clicks T-shirt. (Thanks to Tom, of Garden Grove, Calif., for the link.)

Pool Slide Video Of The Day

You can guess what the payoff is going to be, but the best part is that she keeps asking if she's being recorded.

Bikini Babe Fails At Backflip - Watch more Funny Videos

Bad Commercial Of The Day

What is it with these furniture stores? (Thanks to Brandon, of Indianapolis, for the link.)

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