Five places Michael Vick might land

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But remember when you say about your team, "Oh, our owner will NEVER be interested.'' Well, no owner was interested in Terrell Owens either, and he got $6 million from the Bills. And everyone said the cost for Albert Haynesworth was way too high and they'd never bid for him ... and then the Bucs and Redskins both threw ridiculous money at him. So don't take any team's word right now about whether it is interested in Vick.

That being said, here are my five teams with a prayer of signing Vick once he gets reinstated, either this year or next, by commissioner Roger Goodell (and I emphasize prayer, because this is an educated guess by me, nothing more):

1. New Orleans Saints I think coach Sean Payton could sell it pretty easily to selfless and egoless quarterback Drew Brees by telling him Vick's not coming in to take your job, only coming in to play five to 10 snaps a game in some Wildcat/running back/receiver capacity. Saints owner Tom Benson wants to win badly.

2. Oakland RaidersBecause Al Davis is Al Davis, and he doesn't care what we think, or what PETA thinks, and because he loves athletes more than any other owner in football.

3. New England PatriotsI recall owner Bob Kraft and his wife, Myra, being up in arms about the team drafting Nebraska defensive lineman Christian Peter with his eight arrests and four convictions in Lincoln for aberrant behavior. The Patriots released him a couple of days after the draft. So that makes the Vick signing problematic and unlikely. But who knows? Maybe Bill Belichick can convince them Vick would be the kind of difference-making weapon Randy Moss was when the team got him from Oakland, even though Moss was thought to be an impossible guy to work with. There's the Corey Dillon case, too, another example of Belichick taking a problem child and making it work for the benefit of the team.

4. Buffalo BillsBuffalo signed Terrell Owens and the town didn't burn the football offices down. In fact, I think the fans were totally behind it. If owner Ralph Wilson, desperate to catch the Patriots, thinks Vick will help, I can see him wearing a flak jacket to take all the criticism.

5. San Francisco 49ersMike Singletary is a very religious man, a believer in redemption. There's no long-term quarterback in place. This team would be irresponsible if it did not at least consider Vick.

There's also the possibility Vick becomes too much of a hot potato to consider. But I doubt it. I say if he's made eligible sometime this year, he'll get signed by someone.