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What A Weekend

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Let's recap some big events from the weekend. The Kobe-LeBron dream matchup was killed with the Magic's easy 103-90 win Saturday night. The ease with which Orlando won was shocking. But that wasn't as shocking as Rafael Nadal, who was 31-0 at the French Open, losing Sunday to Robin Soderling in the fourth-round of the tournament. Perhaps the most unbelievable story of the weekend, though, came from Saturday's 25-inning, seven-hour baseball game between Texas and Boston College. Longhorns reliever Austin Wood entered the game in the seventh. He pitched 13 innings, did not allow a hit for his first 12 1/3 innings and struck out 14. He threw 169 pitches. In between these sporting events were awards shows. Spike TV held its Guys' Choice Awards on Saturday. And while the show gets points for featuring the Ikki Twins, from MTV's Double Shot of Love, among its celebs, it couldn't compare to last night's MTV Movie Awards, which saw Bruno sticking his naked bum in Eminem's face, thus causing Em to hastily leave in the middle of the show and triggering a huge "real or fake" debate.

One More

This item gets a separate entry because I can't figure out if it's funny or just sad. Sure, anytime a broadcaster utters an expletive on the air it's funny. But in Charles Barkley's case, I'm beginning to wonder if all of these things are going to lead to Barkley's downfall. It's one thing to say the s-word or something like that by accident. But when you say a more graphic word -- on purpose -- there are usually repercussions. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Soulmates is pitting Don Cherry against Craig Sager in a battle of the bad suits.

NBA Finals: Movie Edition puts its Photoshop skills to good use and gives us some movie posters with an NBA Finals twist.

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Speaking Of The NBA Finals

According to Dwight Howard, God likes the Magic more than the Lakers.

Famous Parts

Here's an easy, but fun "guess the athlete body part quiz."

Paying Homage To "The Body"

You may have caught Jesse "The Body" Ventura on the talk-show circuit a couple of weeks ago to promote a new book. Ventura is now known for his career in politics and his outspoken views on our government. But for many of us, he'll always been known as a wrestler and a great wrestling analyst who was comedy gold with Gorilla Monsoon. With that, here are 10 Classic Video Moments of Jesse "The Body" Ventura in pro wrestling.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Ben, of Boston, and Adam, of Philly, would like everyone to know that the annual Gloucestershire "Cheese Rolling" competition took place last week.

Music Video Of The Day

From last night's MTV Movie Awards, Andy Samberg and Will Ferrell perform the extremely funny, Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions.

MTV Shows

News Blooper Of The Day

I thought the awkwardness of going from a tease about a stabbing into a tease about a Beyonce item was bad enough, but wait until you hear what the anchor says about Beyonce. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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