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Hot Clicks: Magic cheerleaders vs. Lakers cheerleaders


Do You Believe In Magic?

Orlando Magic cheerleader :: Fernando Medina/Getty Images

On the court, most people don't. The Lakers are almost a 3-to-1 favorite. But if you pit the teams' cheerleaders against one another, the battle is much closer. Other NBA Finals links: With the Cavs being eliminated, it's time to stop with the conspiracies about the league being fixed. ... Here are your NBA Finals look-alikes.

We've Got Wood Highlights

Yesterday, I mentioned Austin Wood's 13-inning, 169-pitch performance (in which he didn't allow a hit for his first 12 1/3 innings and struck out 14) for the Texas Longhorns on Sunday. Well, we now have highlights of the game.

Fighting Runs In The Family

If you think you've seen every bizarre incident involving referees check out this video from this past Saturday in which the father of a boxer gets into the ring to punch the official.

TV Things

With Conan O'Brien making his debut as Tonight Show host last night, Steady Burn finds five athletes who look like the late-night host. It looks like Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskettwill have a big role in Kendra Wilkinson's new reality show. And if you're a fan of Scrubs and/or Sarah Chalke, well, you can thank me later for this link.

Conan O'Brien :: AP

Not Their Forte

The Evgeni Malkin-Henrik Zetterberg fight from this past weekend caused The Angry T to go through YouTube and find the 12 Awkward Looking Fights Involving NHL Superstars.


Since Fran Tarkenton decided to call out Brett Favre last week on his careless play, decided to highlight all of Favre's on-field collapses. (Thanks to Don Flamenco, of Pittsburgh, and Tim Hannan, of South Fayette, for the link.)

"Hate" Is A Strong Word, But...

SI Recommends

A while back, Hot Clicks linked to's list of sports fans we love to hate. Well, they're back with Part II, and we have to link to it because No. 7 really should be No. 1.

Tweet Tweet

If you are on Twitter, you might want to check out these "35+ Bad Ass Men's Interest Sites Who Are Active On Twitter." Ryan, of L.A., is also looking out for you Tweeters by sending in this link that covers sexy chicks who tweet. And if all that isn't enough, you can follow me on Twitter, too. And for even more stuff, you can join the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

Of all the "Where Blah Blah Blah Happens" videos, this might be the best. I dare you not to laugh at the 30-second mark. (Thanks to Aaron Blaylock, of Mesa, Ariz., for the link.)

Pizza Video Of The Day

Andrew K., of San Diego, says, "The real question is whether or not you would still eat the pizza." The answer is no, but if this guy charged admission to watch him action, I'd pay.

Classic Video Of The Day

This is an old clip. You've probably seen it before. But a few of you have e-mailed in asking to see it again.

Plug Of The Day

If you're into sports blogs, you may want to check out Blogs with Balls, taking place in New York City on Saturday, June 13. Even Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri is excited about it.

Blogs with Balls! June 13th, NYC from HHR on Vimeo.

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