Hot Clicks: Saved by the Bell comeback tops Brett Favre comeback

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A Comeback To Root For

Tiffani Thiessen :: Courtesy of FHM

The Brett Favre comeback is getting a lot of play again, but the only thing remotely interesting about it is when media members contradict each other on what's going to happen. Outside of that, anything related to Favre is a complete bore. One potential comeback that's anything but a bore is the Saved by the Bell reunion that Jimmy Fallon is trying to make happen. Things took a BIG step forward last night when Zack Morris -- yes, Zack Morris -- appeared on Fallon's show. The result was the best video you'll see today, this week and probably this month. Meanwhile, it looks like Tiffani Thiessen and Dustin Diamond are now the lone holdouts for the reunion.

Tackle Dummies

The fan who ran onto the court during Roger Federer's French Open championship match has inspired to look back at the most entertaining sports fan takedowns.

At Least They're Consistent

Yesterday, Hot Clicks mentioned that it's been a year of gaffes for the Washington Nationals. Right on cue, the D.C. Sports Bog reports on yet another Nationals blunder.

Did They Live Up To The Hype?

Last week, Bryce Harper became the latest high school athlete to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. How have all the other high school cover boys and girls fared in their careers? Mental Floss takes a look.

Bryce Harper :: Robert Beck/SI

Miller Time

I was all set to mock Reggie Miller's belly-button tattoo after seeing these pics. But then The Big Lead found more pics of Miller, this time with a lovely lady, so now it's hard to make fun of him.

Promotion Of The Day

The Brooklyn Cyclones are holding Bellies and Baseball Night on July 19. Many, um, interesting things are planned, such as "7th Inning Stretch Marks," during which pregnant women will be allowed on the field in the seventh inning to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. (Thanks to Doug, of Binghamton, N.Y., for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

David Anderson is a wide receiver for the Houston Texans. He had 19 catches for 241 yards and two touchdowns last season. After one of those TDs, he performed Conan O'Brien's "string dance." Well, Anderson isn't stopping there. He's trying to teach the masses how to pull off the intricate dance. (Thanks to Johnny, of Houston, for the link.)

MC Hammer Video Of The Day

This is one way to spice up a boring day of shopping. (Thanks to JW Britton, of Chicago, and Matt, of Salem, Ore., for the link.)

Model Mishap Video Of The Day

How lucky were those audience members?

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