Hot Clicks: Megan Fox, Luis Castillo and Milton Bradley blunders

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What A Weekend

Megan Fox :: Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

There is a lot to recap from the past couple of days. Before we get to the Penguins and Lakers, let's start with more amusing stuff. First, I've mentioned Blogs with Balls a few times in Hot Clicks. The event was a hit and you can find recaps here, here, here and here. Also, you've probably seen the gift Luis Castillo gave the Yankees last Friday (which has caused one blogger to go into "Mets Rehab"), but here are all four versions of the call from New York TV and radio. As a Yankees fan, I love listening to the glee in the Mets' voices as the pop up is in the air. Earlier that day, there was another big blunder. Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley forgot how many out there were and, well, this happened. One person, though, who did not commit any blunders was Megan Fox, who rocked this dress at the premiere for The Transformers yesterday. She looked kinda OK.

Yer ALL Outta Here!

There was an ejection at a West Burlington, Iowa, high school game over the weekend. Who was ejected? The entire crowd. (Thanks to Sean, of Syracuse, N.Y., for the link.)

Not That There's Anything Wrong With it

If you read Hot Clicks, you know that I may have a slight man crush on Derek Jeter. However, I might have to be quiet about it from now on because the Yankees' shortstop did not make this list of the top seven acceptable man crushes.

Title Talk

So, the Lakers won the NBA title last night with a ho-hum 99-86 win over the Magic. What did Shaq have to say about Kobe Bryant winning a title without him? Via Shaq's Twitter page: "Congratualtions kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now 'Shaq how my ass taste.' Meanwhile, the NHL season came to an end Friday with the Penguins upsetting the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup, and Mondesi's House has pretty much every detail imaginable with this thorough recap.

Kobe Bryant :: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

Chill Out, People

Unfortunately, with the Lakers winning the NBA title, some folks in Los Angeles decided to act like barbarians. However, they have nothing on soccer fans in Romania, who went crazy during a recent game.

eBay Item Of The Day

The piece of the floor on which Christian Laettner was standing on when he hit his legendary shot against Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA tournament is being auctioned. The starting bid is $2,500.


You must check out this old reportTom Brokaw did on something called "the Internet."

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Sports Video Of The Day

Boston fans are very bitter about the Lakers winning another championship.

Referee Video Of The Day

Referees are unpopular as it is. This guy didn't do anything to help the cause.

News Blooper Video Of The Day

This anchor meant to say "plucky." You can guess what word came out instead.

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