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A Blast From The Past

Jaguars cheerleader Kelli :: Courtesy of

Loyal Hot Clicks readers will remember Jaguars cheerleader Kelli, who appeared in Hot Clicks last November and was such a huge hit with readers that I was forced to put together this photo gallery. Well, Kelli and the Jaguars haven't forgotten about her fans. They e-mailed me the other day to let me know that Kelli and the rest of the Jags' cheerleaders recently shot their new swimsuit calendar, and they were even nice enough to send a few exclusive pics of Kelli.

Betting Story Of The Day

Remember the Royals-Indians seagull game that Hot Clicks had video of last week? Well, just read this.

An Anniversary And A Birthday

Fifteen years ago today, this happened. Meanwhile, 50 years ago today, the Ultimate Warriorwas born.

He Wouldn't Know A What From A What?

Lou Piniella is one of the great characters in baseball. And this statement he made yesterday is just more proof.

Lou Piniella :: Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Since Lou Piniella Is Featured Above ...

Why don't we look at the 10 most bizarre ejections in sports.

Tired Tunes

I'm not sure what's more amusing about this post from the list of the 10 overexposed stadium audio moments or the picture of the bleeding ear.

Hee Haw

The Tampa Bay Rays instituted a Western-themed dress code on their last road trip. The results were quite interesting.

Jessica Biel On Facebook

For the best Jessica Biel site on the 'Net, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group. And follow me on Twitter for more links throughout the day.

Sports Video Of The Day

The best part of the NHL's championship round is seeing what happens to the Stanley Cup after the series. So far this year, the Cup has been inMario Lemieux's pool and was brought to a club, where Penguins goaltender Marc-André Fleury went for a ride (at the 1:00 mark). (Thanks to Jonathan Hashinger, of Newport News, Va., for sending the link.)

Baseball Bat Trick Video Of The Day

Check out Josh Womack, a player on the Golden Baseball League's Long Beach Armada, pulling off an impression move. (Thanks to Scott, of Washington, D.C., for sending the link.)

Cubicle Video Of The Day

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured a photo of my desk. I got tons of e-mails about the bottle of Jameson, the Coors Light cans, the Derek Jeter memorabilia and even the remote controls. I tried to clear up some of your questions and address some of your comments with this video I made this morning.

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