Dodgers are so good it's getting annoying; Angels enter top 10

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At this point, I think I'm openly rooting for the Dodgers to start losing, if only for one week. Once again, L.A. is atop the Power Rankings, a reign of supremacy that's quite frankly getting a little annoying. The Hangover only wishes it can have a run of dominance like this in Hollywood this summer. The Dodgers have the best overall record in baseball, the best home record, second-best road record, best record in extra-inning games, best record in one-run games, best-record against right-handed pitching and best record against left-handed pitching. They have the second-best record against winning teams and the best record against losing teams. So it's little surprise that the Dodgers are being treated like A-list celebs out in La-La Land.

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