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Draft Day

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There are tons of NBA draft links to get to, but let's start with one that isn't really based on tonight's festivities. The Big Lead is holding its own draft lottery -- one that consists of NBA wives and girlfriends. Coming in at No. 3 is Hot Clicks favorite, Hope Dworaczyk, who used to date Jason Kidd. Notice, I said "used to." Dworaczyk told me this morning that she and Kidd are no longer dating, but they are still good friends. She also said, "I've been single for a while. It's definitely time to start dating and putting time into personal relationships." Gentlemen, start pleading your cases.

OK, Now The NBA Draft Links

Here are the Top 10 Unseemly NBA Draft Moments. ... Here are the top five potential bad rappers in the NBA draft. Here is your NBA draft drinking game. And here are NBA draft prospect look-alikes. ... Oh wait, here are even more look-alikes.

The Diesel Gets Dealt

When I heard this morning that Shaquille O'Neal was traded to Cleveland, the first thing I did was go to his Twitter page. The Suns wallpaper is still up and he hasn't made many comments about the deal. It looks like he may have even found out about it from a Tweeter, because this was one of his few Tweets last night, "I didn't hear dat yet," followed by "I dnt have cable." Anyway, here are 20 Cleveland-inspired Shaq nicknames.


Sorry for all the Twitter mentions today, but whether you're on Twitter or not, or whether you like Twitter or not, I guarantee you will laugh at this brilliant video. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) (Thanks to Ryan, of L.A., for the link.)

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Legendary Landmarks

Bleacher Report is looking at the 10 stadiums that changed baseball.

Solid Second Bananas

Hot Clicks is a little late in mentioning the sad passing of Ed McMahon, but Rumors & Rants does a nice job honoring the late-night icon by giving this feature on sports' all-time great sidekicks.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Check out Michael Llodra taking out a ball girl yesterday at Wimbledon. (Thanks to Yann Tanguy, of Quimper, France, for the link.)

Chris Cooley Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks brought you Parts I and II of Chris Cooley's road trip video earlier this week. Part III has been released and it's tremendous.

Wyoming Drive Day 3 from Tanner Cooley on Vimeo.

NBA Draft Video Of The Day

Check out Charles Barkley getting drafted in 1984.

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