Hot Clicks: Eva Mendes, Red Sox rough night

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Cheap Plugs With A Purpose

Eva Mendes :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images is conducting The 2009 Great Male Survey. The site came to me for some sports questions and, naturally, I worked in one about gambling and another about the hottest woman associated with sports. On a similar note, recently had me participate in its "Six Questions With" feature. And because I care about you guys, I worked in an Eva Mendes mention. When you read the feature, just click on her name. Trust me.

Rough Night For The Nation

Such a shame about the Red Sox last night. Anyway, before Boston choked up a big lead in Baltimore, the most embarrassing part of its night was when the team walked off the field in the bottom of the sixth -- after recording the SECOND out of the inning.

Hollywood Hacks

Most sports movies suck. It's just a fact. And a post from titled "Five Heartwarming Sports Moments Hollywood Would Ruin" pretty much sums up why.

Happy Canada Day

To all the fine folks up North, Hot Clicks sends best wishes. I'm sure you're enjoying some of these things.

This Guy Likes LeBron

Meet the individual who will be most screwed if LeBron James ditches the Cavs after next season. Yes, that is a LeBron James mouthpiece in the screen grab above.

LeBron James fan

Easy Entertainment

Hugging Harold Reynolds takes up a cause I've long championed. It's giving us five reasons networks should show people running onto the field during baseball games.

Keepin' It Old School

If you despise all the corporate names attached to stadiums, these shirts are for you.

What An, Um, Interesting Outfit

The latest person Bruno has ticked off? A Los Angeles school superintendent, who was not happy that his high school football team posed for a picture with Bruno, which ran in GQ.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Check out Joe Carter, Ozzie Smith, Rick Sutcliffe, Ellis Burks and Wally Joyner competing against five umpires in this old edition of Family Feud.

Reporter Harassment Video Of The Day

As always with these clips, the best part is the reaction of the anchors in the studio.

Local News Video Of The Day

I'm calling B.S. on this one right now. There's no way this aired on a newscast. There are no chyrons or graphics. The reporter's tone is laughable. And, well, what can I say about the cardboard cutout? (Thanks to Steve Cook, of San Diego, and John, of North Carolina, for the link.)

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