Hot Clicks: Isabel Lucas, buy Yankee Stadium grass for $15,000

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Fine Free Agents

Isabel Lucas :: Junko Kimura/Getty Images

NBA free agency is in full swing. A few players have already agreed to deals (the Pistons mean business) while many others are in the process of being courted (dear Knicks, please DON'T signJason Kidd). But is taking on a different kind of free agency. It's looking at the sexiest female "free agents." Two notes on the list. Megan Fox comes in at No. 2, but since she's gotten top billing in Hot Clicks a lot recently, I'm honoring the request of many readers, including Steve Mullen, of Atlanta, and Guillaume, of Paris, and featuring her Transformers co-star Isabel Lucas. Coming in at No. 1 is Bar Refaeli, which leads to this.

Who Wants Some Grass?

If you're looking to spruce up your backyard for the summer, this item is for you. The sod that featured the interlocking NY logo behind home plate at the old Yankee Stadium is being auctioned off. Starting bid: $15,000.

Let's Get Into The Holiday Spirit

If you wonder why the national anthem is played before sporting events, Mental Floss has the explanation. More important, David, of Plano, Texas, says, "Hey Jimmy, in honor of the fourth tomorrow, here's the best national anthem ever sung."

E-Mail Of The Day

Rich Young, of Ashburn, Va., says, "Jimmy, it's never too early to start thinking about Fantasy Football. Recently, I saw one of my favorite football quotes of all time. I read this in ESPN the Magazine (sorry to give props to a competitor), but here is a link from another source. Love your page. It is must reading every day. I can't believe you are producing this from a cube. Tell your boss your fans believe you deserve an office with a nice view!!!!"

Tiger And Tony

I could sit here and tell you that Tony Romo and Tiger Woods played golf in the Washington, D.C., area yesterday with a bunch of Redskins, and I could provide you with some details and tell you that this link has some great anecdotes. But that would be insulting your intelligence, because you know this is all about Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson, Tiger Woods, Tony Romo :: Karen Bleier/Getty Images

An Apology

In yesterday's Hot Clicks, I included a video of a bizarre segment from Fox 8 in Cleveland. The clip featured a reporter using a cardboard cutout to demonstrate what happened when a bear was on the loose. Anyway, I called B.S. on the video, saying it had to be fake. I was wrong. Tons of readers wrote in to tell me they saw the segment on the newscast, and I even got this e-mail from Nicholas A Kovach, of Cleveland: "Jimmy, I'm a longtime reader who has never felt compelled to write. However, I am also a news producer [at] WJW FOX-8 TV in Cleveland and feel obligated to address your B.S. call. I work with Todd Meany on a daily basis and I can assure you that his package about the black bear spotted in Cleveland's Eastern suburbs aired during not one, but several newscasts, and is also available on our Web site. We also aired the outtakes from Todd's stand-ups and dramatizations. He was just having fun, and now the story has taken on a life of its own. Keep Up The Great Work! Yankees Suck!"

Crazy Fan Of The Day

Cubs fans really are a special breed, but some of them are getting fed up. And this fan is showing that by taking drastic measures to ensure that Chicago starts winning some games.

Internets Leads To Confusion

Apparently, some folks thought free agent Ron Artest had ruled out a return to the Rockets after a fake message appeared on his Twitter account last night. Meanwhile, a sportswriter thought the blog "Sir Charles In Charge" was actually Charles Barkley's blog.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Epic Carnival has compiled the top 40 Real Men of Genius commercials. Coming in at No. 38 is "Mr. Overly Competitive Touch Football Player."

Commercial Of The Day

Matt W., of New York, says, "I was watching Seinfeld last night when this ad came on. Jimmy, I swear this is actually real. Nothing screams, 'I'm proud to be an American' [more] than grass on top of my president's head."

Local News Video Of The Day

You've seen most of these, but when you get seven minutes of news bloopers pieced together, it's gold. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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