Hot Clicks: Brooklyn Decker is world's best consolation prize

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Poor Andy?

Brooklyn Decker :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI

Happy Monday after July Fourth weekend. Jimmy is so patriotic, he took an extra day to celebrate America's birthday and asked me to fill in. If you had an extra four hours and 18 minutes yesterday, you probably checked out Andy Roddick's heartbreaking loss to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. But if you have even a pang of sympathy for Roddick, let me remind you that he's married to Brooklyn Decker, used to date the somewhat underrated Mandy Moore and gets to share a nickname with this winner. Speaking of the lovely Brooklyn Decker, she's featured in this incredible gallery of swimsuit photos put together by the editors (actually, me). Enjoy!

Quick History Lesson For Tennis Fans

There are dozens of sites dedicated to the babes of professional tennis (such as this and this), but for those in a historical mood, here's a look at how the tennis skirt has evolved over the years.

A Final Look At The Fourth Of July

Actually, one last look at the Fourth of July pool party girls.

Tough To Be A Fan

The All-Star Game rosters were announced yesterday and not everyone was happy with the selections (more snub stories here and here). But our favorite baseball read of the weekend was this list of top 10 depressed MLB fan bases (good news Mets fans, you weren't No. 1!).

Mets fan :: Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Random Links

Bleacher Report has the most ridiculous poker hands in movie history. ... We didn't follow the NCAA softball season, but we sure like the national-champion Washington Huskies. ... Am I the only one who thinks the Hot Clicks universe should vote Jimmy President of the Internet?

Food And Drink Links

Depending on how hungry you are, this is the most delicious/disgusting pizza ever created. This is the winner in the sandwich category. On a tastier note, here is a list of the best microbreweries in America. Just make sure you don't drink too much and have the worst accident that could possibly happen to a guy.

More Links

If you want to read ridiculous comments about famous women (Vanessa Hudgens blows both Jessicas -- Biel and Alba -- out of the water), Boston sports (put Bill Belichick in charge of the U.S. economy and we'll be out of the recession by Labor Day) or professional wrestling (Jake "The Snake" Roberts is the greatest bad guy of all time), follow me on Twitter. If you miss Jimmy and want to see how he's enjoying his day off, check out his Twitter feed. Or go to the Hot Clicks Facebook group for even more links.

Spoiled Brat Video Of The Day

Remember the scene in Good Will Hunting when Will's friends bought him that beat-up car and Will was shocked that someone would do something so nice for him, even if the car was a piece of you-know-what? Well, this is the complete opposite.

Accidental Kick To The Face Video Of The Day

Slap fighting means slap fighting.

Play Fight Goes Very Wrong

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