Hot Clicks: Holly Madison, Rampage Jackson one ups Joe Namath

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Joe Namath Has Nothing On Rampage Jackson

Holly Madison :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

MMA usually gets very little love in Hot Clicks, but that changes today. And it's not changing because there's a big event this weekend (UFC 100) or because Girls Next Door star Holly Madisonwill be a ring girl at the event. It's changing because of this must-see video featuring Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and a female reporter.

Speaking Of E! And Reality Shows ...

E! airs True Hollywood Story: Baseball Wives at 10 p.m. tonight. The show will feature the wives of Cole Hamels and Jorge Posada. Meanwhile, Terrell Owens' VH-1 reality show debuts July 20.

A New Home Run Call?

Paul Konerko hit three home runs last night. This caused White Sox announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson to lose his (word I can't say in Hot Clicks). You must listen to his three calls, especially the last two in which he drops a "hell yeah" on the audience. (Thanks to Jordan C., of Nashville, Ill., for the link.)

You Should Have New Respect For Jillian Barberie

My apologies for the poor photo quality above, but I can't recommend this link enough. It's Pittsburgh Penguins forward Tyler Kennedy and defenseman Kris Letang doing the weather on a local station. To say they struggled would be a big understatement. (Thanks to Michael Pavsek, of Fort Collins, Colo., and a reader named Andy for the link.)

Tyler Kennedy, Kris Letang

History Lesson

Mental Floss explains the stories behind sports terms named after people (such as the Mendoza Line).

Links For The Lovable Losers

First off, the Ryan Dempster injury is just unbelievable. Anyway, here's an iPhone app just for Cubs fans. Meanwhile, Hitlerjust got updated on the state of the Cubs. The best part of this Hitler video is that whoever made it used a different scene than the one used in all the previous Hitler videos Hot Clicks has featured. (Thanks to Liz Herbon, of Chicago, for the link.)

Bookmark It

Check out the first story, titled "High-rise Fridge Delivery," on and I guarantee you will laugh hard. (Warning: Link contains strong language. And thanks to Ben, of Charleston, S.C., for the link.)

More Links

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Sports Video Of The Day

It kills me to do this because my cubicle neighbor, Gennaro Filice, is a huge Giants fan and huge Pablo Sandoval fan, but I gotta give it up. This "Vote for Pablo" video is pretty tremendous.

UPDATE, 11:13: At the urging Gennaro, here's a link to the Final Vote ballot. He would like you to vote for Sandoval.

Live News Video Of The Day

Another reporter/sprinkler mishap.

Sprinklers from KTAR on Vimeo.

Pool/Dunking Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks featured these guys once before, and luckily for us, they're back with another installment of Pool Domination. (Thanks to Mike Ryba, of Naperville, Ill., for the link.)

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