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'Tis The Season

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I could tell you that the best part of summer is baseball pennant races heating up, but we have about another six weeks to go before that gets really exciting. So, for now, the best things about summer are bikinis (which leads to this bracket, featuring many sports WAGs, including Eva Longoria, that will determine the celebrity with the best bikini body) and pools (which leads to this video).

Bashing The Bombers

For the Yankees haters out there, here are a few reasons to dislike the most storied franchise in ... hey, wait, what the hell is up with No. 3?

Bizarre Ballpark Doings

The Single-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, gave away free liposuction last night. I'm not sure that tops this fan, who sported a bra at last night's Dodgers-Mets game.

Lame LeBron?

I've stated numerous times that I'm a huge LeBron James fan, but this is not good. You probably know the story by now, but in case you don't, Xavier's Jordan Crawford dunked on James at a skills camp Monday night. However, Nike officials wouldn't let Crawford become a viral star (though he's talking here) because they reportedly confiscated tapes of the dunk from the cameramen who were at the event. Now, this could be Nike's doing and not LeBron's. If that's the case, we should cut LeBron some slack. But the Cavs' superstar needs to at least say something publicly about this incident. If LeBron is the one behind the confiscation, well, that's just weak. Very, very weak. The bottom line is this: RELEASE THE TAPE!!! This photo is good, and this one is even better, but it's not enough.

LeBron James :: AP

Insult To Injury

I touched on Ryan Dempster's injury yesterday. The Cubs' pitcher hurt himself trying to jump out of the dugout to celebrate a win. Obviously, this is no laughing matter and it's never funny when someone gets hurt. But this picture is spectacular.

Rampage Redux

Bleacher Report is looking at UFC Octagon Girls of the past and present while offers a UFC 100 preview and predictions. But the main reason for mentioning UFC is so I can once again link to the Rampage Jackson video from yesterday, which gets more surreal each time I watch it.

Need A Lunch Suggestion?

Check this out if you'd like to know how to make the most unhealthy and most disgusting pizza.

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Sports Video Of The Day

If you watch this video, via, you come away with it with two thoughts: How are the Mets only three games under .500? And how did this play not make the list?

Ridiculous Commercial/Product Of The Day

The product isn't as bizarre as the Comfort Wipe, but the commercial, especially the first 12 seconds in which the guy is falling all over, is absurd. (Thanks to Doug, of Huntington Beach, Calif., for the link.)

Cool Commercial Of The Day

Rapper's Delight + Dancing Babies = Gold. (Thanks to Jamie, of Pflugerville, Texas, for the link.)

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