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Tony, Listen Up

Maria Menounos :: Kristian Dowling/SI

You've probably heard by now that Tony Romohas broken up with Jessica Simpson -- the day before her birthday, no less. Now, I don't want to be insensitive to Jessica's feelings, but this really sucks for me. I need these athletes to keep dating hot celebrities so I have fodder for Hot Clicks. Romo has come through twice, dating Carrie Underwood before Simpson. But we need to look forward, and I'm here to help Romo find his next leading lady. These are my five suggestions for which celebrity the quarterback should date next. The only caveat is this -- no blondes. It's time for Tony to change it up. 1) Jennifer Aniston: She just turned 40 and cougars are all the rage; 2) Anne Hathaway: I always get e-mails from readers who want to see Hathaway in Hot Clicks and we know Hathaway needs a clean-cut guy after her last boyfriend had some trouble with the law; 3) Emmanuelle Chriqui: Like I've said many times, Entourage is awful, so I need another excuse to feature Chriqui in Hot Clicks; 4) Leryn Franco: I have no idea if she even speaks English, but they're both athletes. What more could Romo want?; 5) Maria Menounos: I don't know if she has a boyfriend, but simply put, she's so underrated and so hot.

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