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For a while yesterday, I didn't know if I'd be around today to do Hot Clicks. With Twitter going down for hours and hours, I was on the verge of having to be hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. A day without tweets from the world's biggest Dodgers fan, and the woman who'll always be Samantha Micelli to many of us, Alyssa Milano, is like a day without sunshine. I also missed this interesting piece of LeBron James news, some fun banter between Andy Roddick and Serena Williams, this shot at Oakland by Rangers reliever C.J. Wilson, and the banning of blogger Hugging Harold Reynolds from Twitter because someone reported him for impersonating Harold Reynolds. Luckily, things were back up last night, where I found out about more Yankee Stadium nonsense, got schooled by a reader about whether the Yankees choke against the Red Sox, and posted this funny item on Tim Tebow.

Alyssa Milano :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Injury Of The Day

Appalachian State quarterback Aramanti Edwards is lucky this one wasn't more serious.

Barry Sings ... The Blues?

A demo tape of Barry Zito doing some singing has been unearthed and, well, I'm tone deaf, so I can't really make a judgement. You can form your own opinion.

Fights, Massacres, Meltdowns And More

Chan Ho Park :: Scott Nelson/Getty Images isn't counting down the greatest moments in sports or the most memorable moments in sports. It's counting down the 50 most badass moments in sports history.

"Cash For Dunkers"

Style Points points out that since the government's Cash For Clunkers program has been a big success, the NBA is considering its own version.

Items That Have Been In The Inbox All Week

Last week, Hot Clicks told you UCLA's famous undie run was no more. Here's a tribute to the event. ... Jaguars cheerleader Kelli, a Hot Clicks favorite, has her own Topps football card. (Thanks to David, of Vernon Hills, Ill., for the link.) ... has interesting statistical analysis of the Madden cover jinx.

Remembering John Hughes

What can possibly be said about writer-director John Hughes, who died yesterday? Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Vacation, Sixteen Candles, Home Alone, Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains & Automobiles and on and on and on. Just an unbelievable run. looks at Hughes' 20 key films. Here are the best quotes from his movies. And here is Sixten Candlesin four minutes and 38 seconds and Breakfast Club in four mintues and 15 seconds. (Warning: Links contain strong language.)

New Items Added To Facebook

The Hot Clicks Facebook page has been updated with new links, and you can always get more stuff throughout the day via Twitter.

Sports Video Of The Day

How, exactly, was Boston able to fleece Cleveland for Victor Martinez? (Thanks to Joe, of Westlake, Ohio, for the link.)

Eddie Murphy Video Of The Day

This was supposed to be linked up in Thursday's Hot Clicks, but I screwed up and linked the wrong thing. So, here it is again for Kevin Fields, of Okinawa, Japan.

James brown celebrity hottub

Laser Video Of The Day

The dangers of playing with a laser pointer. (Thanks to Ian, of San Francisco, for the link.)

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