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Anything Go On Last Night?

Where do I even begin to recap the wild events of last night? I'll try to take them in chronological order. It started early in the evening when the Cubs fan who threw a beer at Shane Victorinoturned himself into police. At about 8:30 ET, Chris Mortensen broke into the Cardinals-Steelers game with the news that Michael Vick signed with the Eagles. (Great headline here.) A couple of minutes later, Yankees beat writer Pete Abraham of The Journal News (and author of a great Yankees blog) sent out this link via Twitter about Adrian Beltre going on the DL with tearing and internal bleeding of a testicle. A couple of minutes later,'s Grant Wahlreported thatLandon Donovan has swine flu, which was eerie considering this article I read yesterday afternoon. A couple of minutes later, reader Hal Mander, of Las Vegas, sent me an e-mail saying MMA fighter Gina Carano will pose for Playboy (and while there are a few stories on the 'Net about it, nothing confirms the news). A couple of minutes later, news broke that Michael Phelpswas in a car accident. And then the night ended with Stephon Marbury shocking no one by admitting he smokes weed -- and does so on camera.

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What's In Washington's Water?

The Nationals aren't the only Washington team having trouble spelling things correctly on uniforms.

With Friends Like These...

Hair pulling during a fight is never acceptable -- especially when the hair you're pulling belongs to a teammate.

Here It Is

Madden NFL 10 :: EA Sports

Madden NFL 10 is in stores today. Hot Clicks will have some sort of contest on Monday to give away a copy of the game. For now, here's a review. Also, take a look at this Tale of the Tape between Techmo Super Bowl vs. Madden and of all the past Madden covers.

Quiz Time

Did they play college football?

Random Links

Quentin Richardsonhas been traded four times -- THIS OFFSEASON. ... Pitcher Bronson Arroyo recently made some controversial comments about steroids. Now, Hot Clicks is normally a steroids-free zone, but I'm breaking the rule today because Arroyo's remarks led to this very funny item from The World of Isaac. ... One hundred pics highlighting Blake Lively's fabulous legs? Yeah, that definitely deserves a link.

Dogs + Live TV + Local News = Gold

I swear, I had planned on linking to this even before Michael Vick signed with Eagles.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Let's see what the Philly fans think of Vick's joining the Eagles.

Fake Commercial Of The Day

I just got an iPhone, so I had to link to this old sketch from Conan O'Brien's show.

Music Video Of The Day

Scott, of Lilburn, Ga., says, "You should post the ShakiraShe Wolf video. Unbelievable!" Done.

Shakira - New Music - More Music Videos

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