Hot Clicks: Brooklyn Decker photoshoot, mangers get into fight

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GQ Getting It Done

GQ is on quite the roll this week. It had the Erin Andrewsarticle/photoshoot/video -- done before the peephole incident. It had an article (and gallery that the ladies will enjoy) on Tim Tebow. And it has this feature on SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, who talks about how she met husband Andy Roddick.

Brooklyn Decker :: Courtesy of GQ

Fight, Fight, Fight!

This is not your typical baseball fight. This one involves two managers from the Northern League, as the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks' Doug Simunic takes a swing at Tom Vaeth of the Winnipeg GoldEyes. Full story is here. Video, featuring a play-by-play guy who could be Jim Ross' offspring, is here. (Thanks to Dustin, of Fargo, N.D., Kent, of Fargo, N.D, and Jeff, of Fargo, N.D., for the link.)

Watch These Before Your Fantasy Draft

A couple of weeks ago, Hot Clicks featured a Joe Flacco "Fantasy Files" video, in which the Ravens' quarterback showed some impressive skills. Here is the complete collection of the very amusing "Fantasy Files" videos.

Today's NFL Preview...

Compares each of the 32 teams to a classic rock song.

The Last Word On Favre

Cast of Scrubs :: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

This will be the last mention of Brett Favre in Hot Clicks until he throws some bad interceptions during the regular season. And the only reason I'm mentioning him today is because this blog wonders who is making the bigger mistake by coming back: Favre or a revamped Scrubs. Meanwhile, the funny Favre parodies keeping rolling in. Brent, of Lombard, Ill., and Paul Noffke, of St. Paul, Minn., sent in this reworked version of Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas, now titled Waking Up a Viking. Joe, of Detroit, sent in this video, featuring the song Enough is Enough.

Random Links

USC's 2004 BCS trophy is not holding up so well. ... Summer is winding down, so we should enjoy some beach volleyball photos while we can. ... He are seven songs from sports-film soundtracks that you didn't know.

Let Me Introduce You To...

The 100 most iconic TV show intros of all time.

New Items Added To Facebook

The Hot Clicks Facebook page has been updated with new links, and you can always get more stuff throughout the day via Twitter.

Sports Video Of The Day

I'm not allowed to condone running onto the field during a game, but this video is just awesome. You must check out the reaction of Angels left fielder Juan Rivera. (Thanks to Butch, of Towson, Md., for the link.)

Artie Lange Video Of The Day

Here's the Howard Stern sidekick throwing out the first pitch at a recent Newark Bears game. Lange bounced the pitch, but he did better than Baba Booey. A corpse would've done better than Baba Booey, but I digress. Anyway, the highlight of the clip is the unbelievable turnout for the game. Check out the jam-packed seats. (Thanks to Hoffmankidd, of Burlington, Vt., for the link.)

Song Of The Day

A couple of months ago, Hot Clicks posted video a guy made about his frustration with United Airlines, which broke his guitar. Well, the guy is back for Part 2. (Thanks to Brandon, of Minneapolis, for the link.)

Casey Kasem Video Of The Day

Taylor M., of New York, sends in this old Letterman Top 10 list, during which Casey Kasem counts down the top 10 numbers.

Another Casey Kasem Video Of The Day

And the only reason I posted the above video was so I could transition into this awesome Howard Stern bit.

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