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Three Weeks To Go

OK, we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Three weeks from yesterday is the first Sunday of the NFL season. With August coming to a close, fantasy drafts are heating up. One of the top picks is going to be Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. Here's a taste of Williams pulling off a Barry Sanders-esque run from Saturday's exhibition game against the Dolphins. And here are the Panthers cheerleaders, a.k.a. the Top Cats.

Panthers cheerleader Sara:: Courtesy of

Strong Stereotypes

Pyle of List has put together this amusing piece on NFL players and their high school equivalents.

Speaking Of Stereotypes...

It was an action-packed weekend at Citi Field, where the Phillies took two out of three from the Mets (the series concludes this afternoon). You've probably heard about Eric Brunlett's unassisted triple play that ended Sunday's game. There was also this lowlife move by a Phillies fan Saturday night.

No One Said It Would Be Easy, JoePa

Joe Paterno:: Harry How/Getty Images

You know why Joe Paterno has this look on his face? Because he tried to take this quiz about where some of college football's most famous coaches -- including JoePa -- went to school.

Never Trust Anyone In Costume

What are the creepiest NCAA mascots?

More Preparation For The Football Season

If you live in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, and root for teams from outside your area, check out to see where you can watch your favorite team. (Thanks to Adam, of Los Angeles, for the link.)

Random Links

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer has implemented a new rule this season: He will fine anyone on his staff who curses. Sucks for them. ... The best part of the Cowboys HDTV/JumboTron controversy? Jerry Jones blames Titans punter A.J. Trapasso.

E-Mail Of The Day

Jake Lowery, of Cincinnati via East Tenn., says, "So, I have no idea how you could work this into sports, but thought you might like to know this is coming out someday!"

New Items Added To Facebook

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Sports Video Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago, Hot Clicks linked to a video of the USC football team singing Lean on Me during a team meeting. Well, head coach (and prankster) Pete Carrol had some fun by bringing in the man who wrote the song, Bill Withers, to play a joke on the team. And then, of course, things turned into a jam session.

He Shall Not Be Named Video Of The Day

You'd think this would be one of those videos that you say has to be fake, but ... (Thanks to Jeremy Field, of Newark, Del., for the link.)

Bizarre Product Of The Day

These could lead to a lot of accidents if you're walking behind someone who looks good in them. (Thanks to Skinny128, of Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, Josh, of Birmingham, Ala., Mike, of Seattle, and John Armenta, of St. Paul, Minn., for the link.)

Movie Clip Of The Day

Several of you had one thing in mind after seeing Friday's synchronized cycling video.McKay Marschalk, of Darien, Conn., said, "Jimmy, great work with the synchronized bike video, but I feel it is my duty to mention perhaps the greatest bit of BMX dancing ever caught on tape. Not only does the clip feature one of the finest songs to come out of the '80s (Send Me an Angle by Real Life), but it also includes a young Lori Loughlin, of Full House/new 90210 fame, before she hit it big. If you haven't seen Rad, do yourself a favor and track down a copy." Kevin Kretzmann, of Chicago, said, "In response to the Synchronized Cycling Video of the Day, I would be remiss if I did not mention my favorite movie of all time, Rad, and the best Lori Loughlin scene: at the big dance when her and Cru rip it up." And Richard Wellman, of Hollywood, Calif., said, "Jimmy, after seeing that awesome cycling video, do yourself a favor and check out this clip from Rad. I know you're an '80s fan, so I assume you're familiar with the song playing while Lori Loughlin from Full House does her thing."

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