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Chris Cooley Takes Over Hot Clicks

Good morning, everyone. Glad that I am able to take over Hot Clicks for the day. First things first, I know that Jimmy likes to start things off with a morning hottie, so here's a pic of my wife, Christy. I originally sent Jimmy the picture that airs at the very beginning of this video that ran on my blog a year ago, but he said it wouldn't get past the censors. Enjoy. And while you're at it, go get a magic cup of Freddie Mitchell's Viagra-like coffee.

Christy Cooley : Courtesy of Chris Cooley

Fantasy Sleepers

You may know that I'm a big fan of fantasy football. Here are some sleepers for those of you who haven't drafted yet. QB: Carson Palmer -- With him healthy and Ochocinco looking good, Palmer should have a big year. RB: Felix Jones -- He's in a Dallas offense that lost T.O. and will likely rely a lot on the running game. He has great breakaway speed, and even though he will share the load with Marion Barber, he will get plenty of carries. Get him if you are in a PPR league because he will also have an impact in their passing game. WR: Anthony Gonzalez -- Marvin Harrison is gone and Peyton loves the guy. In a pass-happy offense, Gonzalez will be a guy who gets balls when Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are double covered. WR: Ted Ginn Jr. -- Miami is a much-improved offense. He was a rookie last year who didn't produce a ton. This year he should be the Dolphins' first receiver, and having Devon Bess on the other side drawing some of the coverage will help. TE: Brent Celek -- Emerged in the postseason for the Eagles last year. He was named the starter over L.J. Smith, and the guy has knack for catching the ball.

College Kickoff

I know everyone is talking about this video today, but I read somewhere this year that hundreds of Canadian geese die each year trying to land on Boise State's Smurf Turf. I guess Ducks can be affected the same way. But to make Oregon feel better, the last time I was in Boise (as a member of the Utah St. Aggies), it was a 63-38 molesting. Also, if you didn't catch the Aggies vs the Utes last night, I think this is the first year this decade that the Aggies have some legitimate hope. Good work, Scott Barnes.

What Not To Do On Picture Day

Tennessee Volunteers

I know that taking pictures can be fun, but when college football players act like 10-year-old girls, it's just ... the opposite of cool.

Busted Fingers Of The Day

Sometimes it's an index finger, sometimes it's a thumb. I'm sure Kyle Ortonis going to be fine. Marcellus Wiley and Brian Baldinger, on the other hand ... well, at least it's not their double clickers.

Man-Boob Alert

So dudes not only can get pregnant, but they can breast feed their kids? Holy s---! Oh, and why not do it in the middle of your class, like this guy from Sweden? "I'm going to have to pull out the pump during lectures," he said. "But really it doesn't bother me if it makes people uncomfortable. If they have issues with it, that's their problem." And while we're switching roles, why not start a women's football league? Oh, that's been done already and the league begins tonight. Here are 50 Lingerie Football players who are on Twitter. And you can follow me on Twitter here.

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Sports Video Of The Day

If you need another reason to pick me as your fantasy tight end, check this out.

Creepy Video Of The Day

When I was little, I was always afraid of this happening.

Trailer Of The Day

If that wasn't creepy enough, check out the trailer for Ghosts Don't Exist, an independent horror film that I have a role in. This one won't make you bleed from the eyes.

Home Workout Video Of The Day

POW! This is where I came up with the idea of Entourage. POW!

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