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Cross Stat

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Fill in answers as in a crossword -- except the answers are numbers. For rows or columns with multiple clues, enter answers consecutively. The sum will equal the red total at the end of each row/column.


A• Kevin Durant's NBA uniform number• Points needed to win in Ping-Pong

B• Most MLB All-Star appearances (Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Stan Musial)• Times the Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl• Rightfielder, in official scoring

C• Year the Summer Olympics were held in Munich

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D• Length of MLB's longest game, in innings• Length of an Olympic pool, in meters


E• Number of teams in the NFL• Strikes needed for a 300 in bowling

F• Brian Urlacher's uniform number• Total Olympic gold medals won by Carl Lewis• World Series won by the Dodgers

G• Most career PGA majors won (Jack Nicklaus)• Anniversary celebrated by the NFL in 1994

H• Year Babe Ruth first played for the Yankees

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