October 06, 2009

Fill in answers as in a crossword -- except the answers are numbers. For rows or columns with multiple clues, enter answers consecutively. The sum will equal the red total at the end of each row/column.


A• Most consecutive PGA cuts made (Tiger Woods) • MVPs won by Emmitt Smith

B• 2008 football documentary: Harvard Beats Yale 29--____ • Roy Campanella's number

C • Super Bowls the Broncos have played in • Most consecutive Wimbledon men's titles (Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer) • Most consecutive games with an RBI (Ray Grimes)

D• Year the White Sox beat the Astros in the World Series


E• Soccer World Cups won by England • Most hits in a season (Ichiro Suzuki)

F• NCAA basketball's Final ____ • Roger Maris's number • Anniversary celebrated by the NBA in 1996

G• Most career grand slams (Lou Gehrig) • NFL penalty yards for tripping

H• Year Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon

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