Hot Clicks: Celebrating Minnesota, Jessica Biel, Chip Caray woes

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Feeling Minnesota

What an amazing two days at the Metrodome. Monday's Packers-Vikings game was the most watched program in the history of cable television. And then yesterday, despite Chip Caray's best efforts to destroy the game, the Tigers and Twins gave us an all-time classic. Unfortunately, Caray got caught up in the excitement and botched several calls. His worst offense came in the bottom of the 10th when he gave us this call on Nick Punto's fly out: "Line drive BASE HIT, caught out there." However, I can't knock Caray too much because his gaffe led to this photoshopped gem. Anyway, today is about honoring Minnesota. And I'm not even gonna throw in a line here about how the good feelings will come to an end today when they face the Yankees. Nope, I'm just gonna give some pictures -- make that a lot of pictures -- of perhaps the finest piece of talent to come out of the state -- Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel : Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Roger Rips It Up

If you're used to only seeing one side of Roger Federer's personality -- the side where he takes no mercy on opponents and seems to ALWAYS be stoic -- check out this clip of him leading a bunch of people in a song about the "mighty, mighty, Swiss."

Crank It Up

Tim Tebow's status for Saturday's game against LSU is still up in the air after he suffered that nasty concussion two weeks ago. However, LSU fans wouldn't just give up on their tradition of crank calling an opponent without a fight.

We Should All Be Jaguars Fans

Jaguars cheerleader calendar

The picture above is the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader (aka "The Roar") 2009-10 swimsuit calendar. The squad was kind enough to send me an autographed calendar, and Kelli -- who has been featured in Hot Clicks a few times -- was sweet enough to come through with a personalized message. Even better, the Jags sent me three more signed calendars to give away to Hot Clicks Nation. So, here's the deal. You gotta work for these. I can't just randomly hand out something so awesome. This is what I've come up with. The first three people to e-mail me requesting the calendar will get them. However, here's the catch. You also must CC at least 10 people on the e-mail with today's Hot Clicks link, telling them to read Hot Clicks on

UPDATE, 12:01 p.m.: The calendars are gone. Thanks for playing. We will have another Hot Clicks giveaway very soon.

Is That A 10-Yard Penalty Or 15-Yard Penalty?

Things have gotten to the point in the NFL where we should totally expect to see this happen in Sunday's Broncos-Patriots game.

This Won't Be On PETA's Season Pass

Your newest reality TV star is ... Michael Vick. Yes, Vick will be the subject of an eight-episode series on BET early next season.

Random Links

A tribute to Chunk from Goonies. ... An entire blog dedicated to nothing but crane kicks. ... And here's just a typical Midtown Manhattan fight between a pedicab driver and a cab driver.

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Sports Video Of The Day

I'm a little late on this video of a slightly excited Georgia fan who takes his bodypaint very seriously, but I thank all of you who sent it in.

Mashup Video Of The Day

Roman Polanksi + To Catch A Predator = Gold.

Facebook Video Of The Day

As someone who used to like Facebook but now hates it, this video is very enjoyable.

Jessica Biel Video Of The Day

This video has been in Hot Clicks before and it will be in Hot Clicks again. Let's wrap things up with the way we started today's edition.

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