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Food For Thought

Since Hot Clicks covers more than just what takes place on the field, I figured this news would be of extreme importance to sports fans who care deeply about their game-time snacks. Apparently, chicken wings are now more expensive than chicken breasts, causing many sports bars to stop serving the favorite snack of many football fans. What in the world will this do to Hooters?

Hooters : Martin Oeser/Getty Images

Brown + Yellow = Gold

There's been a lot of talk about the Broncos' uniforms from Sunday's game. I happen to love them, even the socks. My motto when it comes to uniforms: the uglier, the better. In fact, all those AFL uniforms are awesome.

Dirt Dooms Dustin

Who did Dustin Pedroia blame for the Red Sox stunning loss on Sunday? Not Billy Wagner. Not Jonathan Papelbon. How about the ground's crew?


Dexter Fowler :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Phillies pulled off an impressive comeback last night, but the play of the night went to Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler.

Just A Swollen Eye?

Chad Ochocinco took in last night's Jets-Dolphins game and tweeted a pic of himself with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. The best part, however, was the update about his eye still being swollen from the Ray Lewishit.

Greek Goddess Grapples

Maria Menounos was the guest host on Monday Night Raw last night. And she even wrestled!

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Sports Video Of The Day

Wait, Josh McDaniels still has a job? Oh, that's funny. I thought I read several columns from people saying he should be fired even before he coached one game. Anyway, here is Denver's coach wired up during the Broncos' win over the Cowboys in Week 4.

Deer Video Of The Day

I'm not sure what's more bizarre -- the deer in the restaurant, or this local news station treating this story like it's an important piece of news.

Slow Day At The Office Video Of The Day

Five workers record themselves simultaneously singing the Backstreet Boys. I've tried to get the guys in the office to do this for a while, but no such luck.

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