Hot Clicks: Stacy Keibler more popular than Cal Ripken; bad umps

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Keibler Crushes Cal

Cal Ripken played 21 seasons for the Baltimore Orioles. He hit 431 home runs, had 1,695 RBIs and scored 1,647 runs. He was a 19-time All-Star, a Rookie of the Year and a two-time MVP. Oh, yeah, and he played in 2,632 straight games. But in Baltimore, that doesn't matter enough in this case. is conducting the Baltimore Celebrity Smackdown, a bracket-style tournament to determine who is the city's most popular celebrity. In second-round action, Ripken is going up against former Ravens cheerleader and WWE diva -- and most important, a 2008 Clicksy Award winner -- Stacy Keibler. As of this writing, Keibler was thumping Ripken 75.5 percent (2,336 votes) to 24.5 percent (756 votes). Obviously, I'd give the nod to Keibler, too (how can you not based on this and this?), but it's good to see that the vast majority of people agree that Keibler's legs are more impressive than anything Ripken accomplished. Speaking of Keibler's legs, her Twitter picture is pretty spectacular, but if she's reading this, I'd like to recommend she use the full-size version. When you're known for having great legs, they shouldn't be cut off in the pic.

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Yup, The Dark Purples Are Still Garbage

You gotta give an A-plus to for its awesome use of a Monopoly board.

We Can Dream, Can't We? has put together a solid list of the top 10 mythical sports matchups it'd love to see.

"Kill The Umps" Picks Up Steam

Nick Swisher :: AP

A little bit of the discussion about last night's Yankees win is about Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia, but most of the talk centers on more horrible calls. Yes, Nick Swisher was called safe in the play above. Luckily, the calls didn't affect the outcome of the game, but this is getting embarrassing for Major League Baseball. Officiating in all sports has gotten so bad that here is now an entire blog, The Replacement Refs, dedicated to the blunders by the men in blue (and stripes). Here's the blog's post about last night's debacle. And baseball isn't the only sport with a problem. Check out this very humorous take on the poor refereeing in college football.

Maybe The Browns Should Try This

The Akron Zips are 1-5, including 0-3 in the Mid-American Conference. So in order to turn things around, the team has put out an ad seeking a quarterback in the school newspaper.

Preparing For Life After Hockey?

Philadelphia Flyers enforcer Riley Cote has an interesting side hobby -- tattooing fans.

Kicking Them While They're Down

First, Titans fans watched their team lose 59-0 to the Patriots. Then, they lost out on free pizza toppings. And now, their coach is even making jokes at the team's expense.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via Dirty Wudders comes this song for Phillies fans as their team looks to close out the Dodgers and go to the World Series for the second year in a row.

Trampoline Video Of The Day

Joe, of Santa Clara, Calif., says, "If this doesn't make Hot Clicks, I don't know what other trampoline video would." I agree.

Home Shopping Network Video Of The Day

Ooops. (Thanks to Vincent Huff, Stephen Silver, of Oklahoma City, Adaig, of Ann Arbor, Mich., Greg, of Mohegan Lake, N.Y., and Michael Zehr, of Orlando, Fla., for the link.)

Stacy Keibler Video Of The Day

More proof that she should beat Cal Ripken.

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