Hot Clicks: 'Friday Night Lights' returns; World Series links

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It's A Good Day

Game 1 of the World Series AND the return of Friday Night Lights (if you have DirecTV)? Was there any doubt who would lead off today's Hot Clicks? Unfortunately, Derek Jeter's girlfriend, Minka Kelly, does not appear in tonight's episode (and will appear in only a few episodes this season), so our best chance of seeing her (besides here, here and here) is Fox panning to her during the Phillies-Yankees game. Anyway, the New York Daily News gives Friday Night Lightsfour out of five stars, while USA Today gives it three out of four stars. And for the show's die-hard fans, here's a quiz about Season 1 and here's a look at the women of the show.

Minka Kelly ::Getty Images

Overly Sensitive 'Skins

The Washington Redskins are reaching a new level of patheticness -- and I'm not talking on the field. The team has banned fans from brining signs into FedEx Field. (And make sure you click that link to see some of the signs, especially the first one.) The organization has put forth some b.s. story about how signs are dangerous to other fans and obstruct views. Because, you know, we hear about fans getting injured by signs ALL THE TIME.

I Bet You've Never Seen This Before

How about a behind-the-back football pass?

World Series Links

Shane Victorino, Nick Swisher :: Getty Images/AP

Here's your Craigslist/will-do-anything-for-tickets story of the day. ... The Jay Z/Alicia Keys pregame performance of Empire State of Mindhas been moved from tonight to tomorrow. ... Five reasons why the World Series sucks. ... Thirteen reasons to be excited for the World Series. ... Shane Victorino was not amused by yesterday's cover of the New York Post.

So That's How Utah Became The Jazz

To honor the start of the season, Mental Floss looks at the origins of all 30 NBA team names.

Great Wrestling Time Killeres

Popcrunch looks at 10 of the greatest wrestling promos in history, while Pyle of List unearthed this so-bad-it's-good old-school Randy "Macho Man" Savagemusic video.

Random Links

Sports posters gone wrong. ... A junior hockey team from Idaho got busted for playing strip hockey. ... Who is the most overpaid player in the NBA?

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Sports Video Of The Day

Check out this awesome cover-up by Phil Jackson after not getting a fist bump from Kobe.

Music Video Of The Day

Yesterday, Hot Clicks featured a video of one guy singing all the parts to Michael Jackson songs. Today, it's one guy singing all the parts to Ghostbusters. (Thanks to Evan, of Toronto, for the link.)

Mascot Video Of The Day

It can't be easy to bust a move while wearing that costume.

Olivia Munn Video Of The Day

I know a lot of you are big fans of G4's Olivia Munn. She appeared on last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (starting at 25:50 mark). Artie Lange also was on the show -- he made Joe Buck jealous by going easy on Fallon -- and they engaged in a friendly game of Ping-Pong (starting at 36-minute mark). (Thanks to Ryan Carroll, of Plymouth, Ind., for the heads up.)

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