Morning Jolt: Favre: No sentiments for Packers

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Thursday, October 29

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Favre: No sentiment for Packers

How much time has Brett Favre spent thinking about his Lambeau return? "Not as much as you may think," Favre said. Is he curious as to what the fan reaction will be? "I think that's probably more intriguing to everyone else," Favre said. Will he have to check himself from being sentimental? "There's no sentiments, really, one way or the other," Favre said. What about his divorce from the Packers? "It's probably best that things worked out the way they did, and it's worked out for both sides," Favre said. And, finally, what does this game mean on a personal level? "That part of it was over the first game," he said. "It's one (game) of 16." (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)Comment

Timberwolves likely to trade Rubio's rights

There seems little doubt that the Timberwolves will end up trading rights to Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio before next year's NBA draft. (St. Paul Pioneer Press)Comment

Inside Pacquiao's training troubles

I tried to spend some time talking to Manny Pacquiao today at his trainer Freddie Roach's gym in Hollywood, but the world's top pound-for-pound fighter had fallen asleep after a conference call so a publicist friend kindly extended a lunch invitation. "Better get an appetizer," chimed in another publicist on the telephone as we drove to lunch. That was at 1:30 p.m. At 6:45 p.m., this just in: Manny's still asleep. In a training camp that has been knocked off its routine by tax-liability issues that forced Pacquiao to train in his native Philippines for 30 days instead of spending the usual eight weeks of pre-fight activity in Hollywood, Wednesday passed without much work. The wasted day follows other camp slips, including a fight between Pacquiao's business manager and a cornerman and Roach scolding the fighter for dismissing his scheduling directions. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, right, shoots as Sacramento Kings Spencer Hawes, left, defends in the first half of Oklahoma City's 102-89 win.

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