Hot Clicks: N.Y. women vs. Philly women; Mike Leach odd comment

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New York Vs. Philly

In all of the World Series links Hot Clicks provided yesterday, I forgot to include the women of New York vs. the women of Philadelphia. uses various categories to break down the battle, including singers, where Alicia Keys (performing with Jay Z before Game 2 tonight) got the nod over Pink. Also omitted was the WAGs of the World Series. Hot Clicks focused on Minka Kellyyesterday, but you can never have too much Minka, and since Yankees fans might be a little depressed today, here are 100 more pics of her.

Alicia Keys :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

More World Series Links

We all know Chase Utley is a great player, so his two home runs were no surprise. But his hair was. ... Should New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg get credit for still being in the ballpark in the ninth inning of a 5-0 game, or should he get flak for sleeping during the game? ... The woman who put a questionable ad on Craigslist says she was not offering sexual favors in exchange for tickets, but she's going to Game 3 anyway thanks to a Philly radio station. ... And here's your "intoxicated Phillies fan cursing on the air" link of the day.

"Fat Little Girlfriends"

I have no idea how I missed this until Sean Cahill, of New Orleans, e-mailed the link yesterday, but Texas Tech coach Mike Leach unloaded quite the verbal assault on his players after the Red Raiders lost to Texas A&M last Saturday, citing their "fat little girlfriends" several times during his tirade.

Not So Fast

Leon Lett :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Epic Carnival looks at 12 of the worst cases of premature celebrations in sports.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

The League, a new sitcom about fantasy football, debuts on FX at 10 p.m. ET tonight. I've seen the first episode and the show definitely has potential. Fantasy football players will get a kick out of it. And while fantasy football is the central theme of the show, it's far from the only one. There is a lot of hardcore adult humor. You can get the full lowdown on the show here. On a side note, one of the cast members is Jon Lajoie. Go to YouTube and look up his videos. Awesome stuff.

Tat's A Problem

Boston College running back Josh Haden showed his devotion to the Eagles by getting a big tattoo of the school's logo on his chest. Now, he's transferring.

Random Links

Here's a very fun Q&A with two Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders. ... New York Knicks players reveal their favorite songs -- and sing them. ... If you want to know what it's like when an athlete has to get surgery, check out this very inside account ofChris Cooley's day yesterday when he got three screws placed inside his tibia.

Self-Promotional Link Of The Day was kind enough to have me on its podcast yesterday. You can listen to it (or just get a write-up of the appearance) here.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Sports fans often like to think, "I could've made that catch" or "I could've made that shot." Well, I think that we can all agree that each and every one of us could've made this kick. (Thanks to Tom, of Kennewick, Wash., for the link.)

Pedro Martinez Video Of The Day

Joe Girardi should show this to the Yankees right before tonight's game.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Check out the late-night host dissing Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

Latham T., of New York, says, "A friend of mine goes to WVU, where this commercial is played every now and then. He showed it to me. Now I'm putting it in your hands. Enjoy."

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