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CLICK HERE FOR WEDNESDAY'S A.M. HOT CLICKS.We're all sick of the Tiger Woods story by now, but since Tiger admitted to having affairs on his own Web site today, we can't pass up linking to this "Tiger Woods Outrun Wife" game or this summation of Tiger's alleged transgressions.

As The Tiger Turns

Elin Woods, Tiger Woods

Last night was Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year party. The good news was that I got my buddyDerek Jeter to sign a copy of this week's issue that I'll give away to a Hot Clicks reader. I don't know when I'll give it away or how, but I'll keep you posted. The bad news was that because I was at the event, I missed the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, which many of you e-mailed about. Jordan Grimsrud, of Victoria, B.C., Canada, said, "How come there is no mention of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Did I miss something or is this going to be featured in the PM version?" Tyler, of Greensburg, Ind., said, "Last night, Victoria's Secret had their fashion show. I gladly watched it with my girlfriend (perfect chance to watch gorgeous women strut their stuff and comment in front of the girl). During the show, they had a competition for a new 'angel' and a girl by the name of Kylie won. She is an absolute bombshell! Can you try to make her the female feature of a Hot Clicks soon??" Adj, of Philly, said, "One word: Kylie!!!!! She must be the lovely lady of the day or some pictures from last nights Victoria's Secret show!" And Calder Zwerling, of Syracuse, said, "Dear Hot Clicks, how is it possible that last night the Victoria's Secret fashion show was on TV and you guys don't have a single link with a picture or a video? Come on guys step your game up." OK, OK, first off, here is Kylei's Twitter page, which you'll definitely want to check out, and here is a gallery.

Two Winners

A while back, Hot Clicks had posted an item about the lingerie company holding a contest to find Chicago's sexiest athlete. It appears there has been some major controversy regarding the winner.

Speaking Of Victoria's Secret...

Chris Chapman, of Yorba Linda, Calif., says, "This is an amazing run that I am sure most people missed. Also, please feature Nadine Velazquez in Hot Clicks."

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Nadine Velazquez :: Mark Davis/Getty Images

This "ad" for the Tim Tebow School of Life is a winner.

Be Like Tim

Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured a video of a Florida State offensive lineman who stayed in his three-point stance for an entire play. Readers e-mailed to clarify what was going on. Robert, of Tampa, Fla., said, "Jimmy, the entire Florida State offensive line did that several times throughout the game. They are taught that if a defensive player jumps, that the center snaps the ball and the play goes on but none of the line comes out of there stance. It almost cost some of there players injuries during the game." Jeff, of Miami Beach, said, "Love Hot Clicks, check it out every day, now twice a day. I graduated from FSU and am sad and glad Bobby retired, but I have to comment on the video above. The offensive linemen are told to hold their position when they draw the defense offsides. The lineman thought his man jumped so he did not move. They did it twice successfully against the Gators and many times this year." Tony O., of Charleston, West. Va., said, "Regarding the Florida State lineman who does not move during the entire play, that concept was done successfully several times by Rich Rod while at WVU when all five interior lineman always remained motionless while Pat White did something remarkable after the snap. When the five lineman remained frozen after the snap, opposing defenses would also be caught off guard thinking it was a dead play while the uber fast White would make something happen in the confusion. Obviously Florida was not fooled by the now-overused concept." And Jeff Lasley, of Eldora, Iowa, said, "You dumb SOB. Seminole lineman are coached to not move at all when the defense jumps -- the ball is automatically snapped and they are supposed to not move. It was the lineman who did stat blocking who were in the wrong."

FSU Followup

I appeared on the Joe Sports Fan podcast, which was tons of fun. I recommend you check it out just to hear a great clip of The Rock.

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LeBron James makes a full-court shot -- with a football.

Sports Video Of The Day

Daniel, of New York, says, "Jimmy, I have never watched Oprah, but this is pretty funny." What Daniel sent in is a two-minute-and-18-second clip of Oprah screaming the names of celebrities at the top of her lungs. And it is funny. And just for the record, I'm not buying Daniel's story that he's never watched Oprah.

Oprah Video Of The Day