Morning Jolt: Warner feeling heat from Cards

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Thursday, December 3

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Warner feeling heat in Cards locker room

After last week's loss in Tennessee, you could almost feel a mood change in the Arizona locker room. The team had a lost a gut-wrenching game, its defense strung out by a cautious offense that provided little margin for error. In one corner, Antrel Rolle huddled with fellow members of the secondary, hashing out that final drive. Beanie Wells was listening to a teammate's account of the rookie's fumble in the first half, one that sent a young stallion to the bench once again. And as Warner fastened his tie, he couldn't help but wonder. "Are they mad at me because I didn't play?" Kurt Warner said. (Arizona Republic)Comment

D'Antoni fed up with Robinson

Nate Robinson wasn't dancing, pounding his chest or running his mouth Wednesday night. And he definitely wasn't scoring. The high-flying, hyperactive guard was successfully muted by Mike D'Antoni, who took away the one thing Robinson loves nearly as much as drawing attention to himself: his playing time. His patience with Robinson at an all-time low, D'Antoni took a drastic step to teach Li'l Him a lesson during the Knicks' 118-104 loss to the Magic. (New York Daily News)Comment

Mets close to catcher deal

The Mets appeared to be closing in on a deal with free-agent catcher Henry Blanco. The Venezuelan newspaper "El Nacional" reported Blanco had left that country Sunday for a physical with the Mets. (New York Daily News)Comment

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Tiger's shiny Cadillac Escalade ... after it ran into a fire hydrant and a tree. (AP)

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Rodrigue Beaubois makes the Nets' lives even more miserable.

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Civil War of Roses: No. 13 Oregon State at No. 7 Oregon, 9 p.m. ET, ESPN

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  2. Oregon Ducks

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