NFL Power Rankings, Week 14

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Loosely translated, status quo is Latin for "nothing's changed,'' although the term may not have originated solely to describe the top of's NFL Power Rankings. Nevertheless, I've had the Saints, Colts and Vikings in my 1-2-3 slots for so long now those keys are starting to rust on my laptop.

But I have a feeling that change is just around the corner, and some big games in the coming two weeks could finally reshuffle the top five of our pecking order. For starters, all three of our leading teams have tough games this week, with the Saints traveling to Atlanta to play the desperate Falcons, the Colts staying home to face the resurgent Broncos, and the Vikings trying to rebound from that loss to Arizona in a home-dome game against AFC North-leading Cincinnati.

And look out for those hard-charging No. 4 Chargers, winners of seven in a row. I resisted the impulse to leap-frog them past No. 3 Minnesota this week, but a win at Dallas this week and I may not talk myself out of an upgrade next time around. No. 5 Cincinnati could be on the climb, too. The Bengals are at Minnesota and at San Diego in the next two weeks.

Now on to this week's rankings...

NFL Power Rankings

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