Hot Clicks: Salma Hayek; Roy Williams has fan ejected

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Two important sports items came down on Friday. One you already know about it: Tiger Woods announced he was taking an indefinite leave from golf. It was very shrewd of Tiger to announce this late in the day on a Friday, but he should know by now that you can't stop the New York Postfrom having fun on the cover. The other news that broke Friday was David Sterntelling'sIan Thomsen that legalized gambling on the NBA is a "possibility." Somewhere, Tim Donaghy is happy. Anyway, since I made you sit through more Tiger rambling, I'm rewarding you with brand-new pictures ofSalma Hayek, who showed up at an event this weekend looking as good as ever.

In Case You Missed It

Salma Hayek :: Florian Seefried/Getty Images

The Lions show us why wrapping up is more important than just throwing a big hit. ... Check out each of Brandon Marshall's 21 receptions against the Colts. ... Look at the ups on Andy Reid as he celebrated with DeSean Jackson last night. ... If you were like me and flipped on the Rams-Titans game and said "Who is Keith Null and why is he starting at quarterback for St. Louis," we weren't alone.

NFL Roundup

Yesterday, the Kansas Jayhawks officially hired Turner Gill as their football coach. Late that afternoon, Lance, of Kansas City, e-mailed me the link to

That Was FAST

In one of the more bizarre and disgraceful things you'll see in college basketball this season, North Carolina coach Roy Williamshad a fan removed from the Dean Dome during the Tar Heels' game against Presbyterian on Saturday. What heinous act did the Presbyterian fan commit? He had the nerve to say "Don't miss it, Deon," while Deon Thompson was shooting a free throw. The only people worse than Williams in this matter would be the higher-ups at North Carolina or the NCAA if they don't discipline the coach for his low-class maneuver. (Thanks to William Buzhardt, of Columbia, S.C., for the link.)

Bush League Move By A Big Bully

Jordan Fish :: David Becker/Getty Images

Cincinnati fans aren't handling the news of Brian Kelly leaving to coach Notre Dame too well. In fact, his house was egged Saturday night.

Speaking Of Bush League...

How's this for a LeBron James sequence from last night's Cavs game against the Thunder: Get a steal, drive for a layup, get fouled, eat a french fry.

Just A Typical Night For The King

You'll think this Marian Hossa goal from last night is much cooler after you see the slo-mo replay.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you're going to steal a car so you can chase after your boyfriend, please make sure it's not an ambulance.

News Report Video Of The Day

Pretty Good Time Ambulance Driver - Watch more Funny Videos

You'd think turning Benjamin Franklin into a plumber would be enough of an attention-grabber, but adding an '80s classic to the mix really puts this commercial over the top. (Thanks to Adam Schaefer, of Creedmoor, N.C., for the link.)

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