Morning Jolt: Will Red Sox trade Buchholz for bat?

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Tuesday, December 15

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Will Red Sox trade Buchholz for bat?

It's interesting to watch the Red Sox change on the fly from a poor defensive team reliant on offense to a team more attuned to preventing runs via pitching and defense. A rotation headlined by Jon Lester, Josh Beckett and John Lackey is essentially a trio of aces with Daisuke Matsuzaka a solid No. 4 assuming he shows up prepared. You can make the argument that they can now trade Clay Buchholz for a bat, but I personally believe they would be smarter to keep him and maintain the strength and depth of the rotation. As it stands now, they have five legit starters and Tim Wakefield as a swingman. That is depth the Yankees -- or any other team -- cannot match at the moment. (Boston Globe)Comment

Eagles eye Westbrook's return

The Eagles quietly confirmed that they anticipate Eagles running back Brian Westbrook playing next weekend against the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field. Only a medical setback would keep Westbrook -- who has sustained two concussions this season -- from returning to action. (Delaware County Times)Comment

Knicks interested in Charlotte's Augustin

Charlotte's D.J. Augustin is currently struggling with Larry Brown's Play The Right Way edict, which could be a good thing for the Knicks. Augustin remains a player of interest for the Knicks, who, according to a team source, had extensive talks last season with the Bobcats regarding a deal for the second-year guard out of Texas. (New York Daily News News)Comment

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Patrick Willis and the 49ers forced seven Cardinal turnovers, including this fumble by Larod Stephens-Howling. (AP)

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Orlando's Vince Carter makes an amazing no-look pass over his head to Dwight Howard for an alley-oop.

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Flyers at Penguins, 7 p.m. ET, Versus

  1. Philadelphia Flyers
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins

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  • 1891 -- James Naismith invents basketball.
  • 1925 -- First hockey game at Madison Square Garden (Montreal Canadiens 3, New York Americans 1).
  • 1935 -- Detroit Lions win NFL championship.
  • 1992 -- Arthur Ashe is named Sports Illustrated Sportman of the Year.