Hot Clicks: Cricket WAG Lara Bingle; Tiger Woods newspaper covers

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How well do you know the cost of NFL Christmas merchandise?

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PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem appeared on CNBC today to talk Tiger Woods. This was the highlight of his interview. "I think people will look at the No. 1 athlete of the decade and pull for him, now really in an underdog position, to deal with these issues, to come back, to win golf tournaments and to go back to stimulating young people and fans to the sport." Um, hasn't that been the problem?

Quote Of The Day

Today was the 19th day in a row that a Tiger Woods story appeared on the cover of the New York Post. With Leather has a nice photo of all 19 covers. Meanwhile, you can see 25 more Tiger-related newspaper covers here.

Speaking Of Tiger...

Rob, of New York, sent in a very simple e-mail. It said, "Number One Stunner: Lara Bingle." I had never heard of Lara Bingle before, but after doing some research, I found out she's an Australian model who is engaged to cricket player, Michael Clarke." That makes her a WAG. Welcome to Hot Clicks, Lara.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lara Bingle :: PhotoNews International/Getty Images

Here's one of the best end-of-decade lists I've seen so far: the 50 best catchphrases of the 2000s. And, yes, that Larry David quote above is on the list.

"Pretttty, Pretttty, Pretttty Good"

Zach, of Kansas City, says, "Jimmy, There's no way there are any Christmas lights better than these this holiday season." Zach is so right.

Best Lights Ever. End Of Discussion.

Dennis Green, Jim Mora, Mike Gundy, et. al., move on over. You have company on the list of best tirades by a coach during a postgame press conference. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rangers coach John Tortorella.

Sports Video Of The Day

Do you get bored at times during the holiday season? Well, this video gives you some suggestions for how you can spice things up. (Thanks to Blake, of Washington, for the link.)

Holiday Season Video Of The Day has compiled the 15 funniest local news reports of 2009. Most have been in Hot Clicks before, but the one below has not.

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