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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to the holiday, I'll be posting a fresh Hot Clicks tomorrow, and then touching it up for Friday. In other words, if you're Christmas isn't complete until you read a brand new version of Hot Clicks, you may not have the best holiday. To submit a link for Hot Clicks, E-mail Andy Grayhere. If you have a comment or question for Jimmy Traina, you can E-mail him here.

By now, you've hopefully done your holiday shopping and have a good sense of the latest toys and gadgets on the market. If you happen to be in the reflective mood, Thunder Treats has an excellent list of the top 20 Christmas gifts (for boys) from the 1990s. All this list really made me want to do is go on eBay, buy an old school Gameboy with Tetris and not leave my apartment until I get 100 lines.

Ghost of Christmas Presents Past

Christmas gifts from the '90s

Just when you think no Dukes of Hazard related item can top Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke outfit, along comes a General Lee made up of 4,342 scale model cars. Speaking of Simpson, Complex.com compiled her best bikini shots for your viewing pleasure.

Paging All Dukes of Hazzard Fans

Allen Iverson's classic quote makes up Part 2 of BroBible's comprehensive list of the decade's best catchphrases. They did a really good job as each one comes with a video so you can get the context of the quote. And in case you missed it, here's Part 1.

We Talkin' About Practice?!

After calling out Eagles fans for throwing snowballs at 49ers fans on Sunday, I got a bunch of hate mail from Philadelphians telling me how stupid I am. While I don't think I am stupid, I may have rushed to judgment seeing that Philadelphia isn't the only city with unruly fans. So I'd like to formally apologize to all the residents of the City of Brotherly Love and offer you a peace offering. Her name is Kelly Monaco, she's a Philadelphia native and pretty damn hot, as these pics illustrate.

An Apology

Kelly Monaco :: Photo courtesy of Maxim

As Steven Tyler enters rehab and the future of Aerosmith remains somewhat up in the air, here is a good link to Stereogum's list of the top band feuds of 2009. In happier band news, Pollstar released its top-grossing concert acts of the decade with Dave Matthews Band leading the charge. Somehow, Cher is No. 12.

Can't We All Get Along?

The Jersey Shore phenomenon is on the cusp of being played out, but this video is pretty funny ... In case you forgot, this is also Festivus season ... I enjoyed this list of top 10 psycho chicks from the movies ... The Balloon Boy's father was sentenced to 90 days in jail ... This is a good gallery of celebrities with Santa Claus.

Random Links

When I'm not filling in for Jimmy, I run SI's Vault, which has every story SI has written in the magazine's 55-year history. I also have a Twitter account that you should follow because every day I post old and embarrassing photos of athletes. Among today's gems are Bobby Knighthunting in the woods, Bill Cowher when he was a just another player on the Steelers and Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeerhaving fun in the bath. If you still need your Jimmy Traina fix this week, follow him on Twitter here.

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This guy tries to steal a 42-inch plasma TV from a busy store without anyone noticing. As you can guess, it didn't work out that well.

Dumb Thief of the Day Video

How Not To Steal A Plasma TV - Watch more Funny Videos

The Dude compiles his best shots of the season. No, these are not fake.

Dude Perfect Video of the Day