Hot Clicks: Kristen Bell, Chris Johnson to buy lineman new cars

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Since George Costanza's ice cream sundae episode took place at the U.S. Open, this qualifies as a sports story: George's Top 20 Seinfeld Food Related Moments.

"Well, I'll Tell You, It Wasn't A Pretty Sight"

George Costanza

Browns fans were not happy that linebacker Eric Barton revealed that he's a Lakers fan. One, it's stupid for fans to think an athlete has to root for the teams that play in the same city he plays in. Two, Browns fans should have much bigger things to worry about.

Root, Root, Root For The Home Teams?

Titans running back Chris Johnson needs 128 yards to reach 2,000 for the season. The Titans offensive line needs 128 yards from Chris Johnson to get brand new cars.

Good Thing He Makes $4.2 Million This Season

Armin Khansari, of Houston, Texas, says, "Jimmy, I'm a Houston Rockets fan who went to Texas Tech. On Monday, Mike Leach was suspended and Tracy McGrady and the Rockets parted ways.' My birthday is Thursday, and I was wondering if you could give my a birthday present of some nice Kristen Bell pictures." Sure, that can be done. Have a happy birthday. Oh, and after doing extensive research, I come to the conclusion that Kristen really likes this pose.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kristen Bell :: Getty Images

This will keep you busy until 2020.

The Ultimate List of End of Decade Lists

Colts fans, please get a grip. It's bad enough that one of you in this clip said that what the Colts did Sunday was "the worst thing I've ever seen in my life," but now someone made this video.

Sports Video Of The Day

I have no idea what Google Wave is, but this use of it to make a 2009 wrap-up video is pretty cool. (Thanks to Terrance, of San Francisco, for the link.)

Year In Review Video Of The Day

Loyal Hot Clicks readers know I'm a big fan of Kim's but her new Carl's Jr. commercial isn't nearly as good as Padma Lakshmi's, Audrina Patridge's, or, God forgive me for saying this, Paris Hilton's.

Kim Kardashian Video Of The Day