By Dr Z
January 20, 2005

If you are as fascinated as I am by the Danse Macabre of the NFC, the nine losing teams all vying for a final wild card spot, you will be interested in what follows. Instead of the usual blarney that decorates this column, you will be treated to an accurate forecast of which of those losers will enter the postseason. There is a very real possibility that for the first time in recorded history, a 7-9 team, in other words a club with a losing record, compiled over a full 16 games, actually will climb aboard the Glory Express.

I realize that my list of losers with aspirations does not include Seattle. Technically, at 6-5, the Hawks don't qualify for the losers bracket, although if ever a team deserves to be called a loser, it's this one. But I've got to cut it off somewhere. If all this bores you silly, I invite you to drop your gaze southward until you come to your favorite team, which, once again, will be handled with perception and sensitivity.


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