By Scott Wraight
April 21, 2005

Want to see golf from the fan's perspective? Then welcome to From The Gallery.'s Scott Wraight's weekly Front Nine will focus on a specific golf topic and offer up a list of the nine best (or worst) just like a fan would see it. And if you want to weigh in on the topic, just fill in the blanks of our reader reaction box below the list.

After their argument about spikes, it was great to see Vijay Singh and Phil Mickelson paired for the final round of this year's Masters. The two often stood on opposite sides of the tee box and rarely looked at each other. They know drama. "We had a great time," Mickelson said.

I'm not buying that for a second.

It's these sort of incidents/uncomfortable moments that pique my interest and have me asking: Which grouping of players would I most want in my foursome?

The first eight groups include golfers, all still very much alive, who share some type of common bond and would produce an interesting round of golf. The final entry, selected by golf editor Mike McAllister, takes a more historical approach with three now-deceased legends of the sport.

Here's some reactions to last week's column regarding colorful Tour pros:

My choice is definitely John Daly. The only problem with that is I like him and hate the thought of dragging him down to my level. -- Mike, Lake Villa, Ill.

I'd want to golf with a "horse of a different color" -- David Feherty. His clothes are about as bland as a meal of Irish potatoes, but his personality would more than offset this shortcoming. -- LJ, Alpharetta, Ga.

Craig Stadler. His personality is that of a father figure in this sport. His attitude puts everyone at ease; you can just be yourself and play the game. -- Robert, Walthill, Neb.

There are several golfers who would be fun to golf with, but Darren Clarke is the guy I would choose. A great ball-striker who can fun on or off the course. -- Tim, Los Angeles, Ca.

Pat Perez. I hear that his personality and temper are legendary. -- Jonathan, Arlington, Va.

I would like to play with Tiger Woods. Not for his human highlight-reel shots; rather for the bad shots when he curses and throws his club in disgust to hide my own short temper and flashes at rage in my golf incompetence! -- Dan, Buffalo, N.Y.

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