By Marty Burns
March 28, 2005

March has not been kind to NBA big men. Tim Duncan (Spurs), Jermaine O'Neal (Pacers), Brad Miller (Kings), Vladimir Radmanovic (Sonics) and Antawn Jamison (Wizards) all have gone down with injuries this month, causing their respective teams to slide a bit in the Power Rankings. Meanwhile relatively healthy clubs like the Heat and Suns have been able to stay on top.

Injuries always play a critical role in the NBA, of course. But this year they look to be especially important. With no dominant team, and less than a month to play in the regular season, injuries could prove the difference in playoff seeding -- and possibly who comes out on top in June.

This week's high riser:MAVS (No. 4 from No. 9) and BOBCATS (No. 24 from 29)

This week's big drop: CELTICS (No. 10 from 6)

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