By Bill Scheft
January 20, 2005

Auburn and Utah finished 13-0 but have zero shot at the national championship. Finally, something during bowl season more annoying than David Spade in those Capital One commercials.

In other games, Tennessee blasted Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, 38-7. Luckily, the 12th Man spent the day in jail after starting a bar fight and wasn't there to see it.

Miami made short work of Florida in the Peach Bowl, 27-10. Which answers the question, "Did Urban Meyer have time to prepare two game plans?"

You know what's sad? Thirteen hours of TV on New Years Day, and the only bet I won was on the Rose Parade. I took under 4½ inches of rain.

And the only way they'll stay under $220 million next season is if the government awards Carlos Beltran's contract to Halliburton.

The Yankees' luxury tax for the upcoming season could be as high as $40 million ... or $50 million if Bud Selig has the Powerball number.

Elsewhere, the Giants signed Moises Alou. Which means next month, instead of Mesa, Ariz., he'll be urinating on his hands in Scottsdale.

New Orleans is Jackson's 11th NBA team. No, check that. New Orleans is his 11th stop. He's still only been with ten NBA teams.

Come on. The Hornets should petition the league to move out of the Southwest Division, and into the Southwest Conference.

Didn't I see this a few years ago on an episode of Ed?

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