Morning Jolt: T.O. to become Ochouno?

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Monday, February 8

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T.O. to become Ochouno?

Thursday came the news of Chad Ochocinco saying that he wanted to see Terrell Owens sign with the Bengals. During a party in Miami on Friday, which was attended by coach Marvin Lewis, Owens said that he would change his name to Ochouno if he came to Cincinnati. (Cincinnati Enquirer)Comment

Lincecum likely to settle with Giants

The feeling of two major league executives is that Tim Lincecum will settle with the Giants before going to arbitration even though for the moment there's a bit of rancor. The team's number is $8 million and Lincecum has come in at $13 million, and after two Cy Youngs, I'd be racing to the hearing room if I were Lincecum. "Both sides will take the road less thorny," said one executive, "but if you believe in your number, defend it. Ryan Howard did and he won." (Boston Globe)Comment

Porter says he's done with Dolphins

Linebacker Joey Porter, appearing on NFL GameDay Morning on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium, said he has played his final days in a Dolphins uniform and plans to play elsewhere next season. "Probably as a Dolphin, but not the last time you'll see me in this stadium," Porter said when asked about his future in Miami. "I still have a lot of years of football left -- but strapping on that jersey, yes, this year is the last time." (

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New Orleans coach Sean Payton is given the traditional Gatorade shower after winning Super Bowl XLIV. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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Fans on Bourbon Street partied long and hard into the morning after the Saints upset the Colts to capture their first-ever championship.

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Spurs at Lakers, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

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  2. Los Angeles Lakers

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This Day in Sports

  • 1936 -- The Philadelphia Eagles make Heisman Trophy winner Jay Berwanger the first overall pick in the first-ever NFL Draft.
  • 1981 -- Scott Hamilton receives two perfect 6.0 scores in winning the first of four straight major world championships.
  • 1986 -- Atlanta's Spud Webb -- at just 5-foot-7 -- wins the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest.