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Hot Clicks: Austrian curler Claudia Toth; Joe Paterno's glasses


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The folks at sent me an e-mail that said, "Jimmy, I know how much you can't stand the Olympics. However, over the past week BroBible has been rounding up the hottest female athletes competing in the Winter Olympics. The posts focus on the beautiful women from all corners of the globe who are convening in Vancouver. Hopefully it makes the notoriously boring Winter Olympics a little bit more palatable, particularly with Lindsey Vonn's status up in the air." Here's the thing. I don't "hate" the Olympics. I just don't care about them. However, I will track the progress of Austrian curler Claudia Toth, who is one of BroBible's 20 hottest Eastern Europeans participating at the Winter Games. The site also covers Western Europeans, Scandinavians and Canadians.

UPDATE, 12:25 p.m.: Well, this is a dagger.

This Year's Leryn Franco

Claudia Toth

Whose Voice Is That is conducting the Winter Olympics Promo Olympics, with Morgan Freeman battling Donald Sutherland in the main event. ... Mental Floss is remembering questionable Olympic sportsmanship through the years. ... Red Stapler Chronicles examines how we decide who to root for during the Olympics.

More Olympics Links

The NCAA is considering taking away touchdowns if a player is flagged for taunting.

Worst. Rule. Change. Ever.

You'll notice in the photo above that Kenyon Martin (left) sports a headband, wristbands and whatever those things are on his shins. Mike Miller rocks the wristband, legwarmer-looking things and a piece of something on his right middle finger. This over-accessorizing hasn't gotten past the folks at A Stern Warning, who analyze this development.

How Long Does It Take Them To Get Dressed?

Kenyon Martin, Mike Miller :: Getty Images

One of the most iconic symbols in college football may be no longer. After undergoing some surgery, Joe Paternono longer needs his thick-framed specs.

The End Of An Era

Shaqhad some unkind words for Dwight Howard after last night's Cavs-Magic game.

Let's Play The Feud

SI Recommends

Kyle Tapply, of Dallas, says, "The world gets to see Dallas this weekend as the NBA All-Star Game takes place and people are more excited about the foot of snow we got yesterday."

Snow Item Of The Day

This is the single greatest Olympics video of all time.

Sports Video Of The Day

This video would've been good enough on its own, but the commentary added by Ian Eagle is a solid bonus.

Cheerleader Video Of The Day

Legendary Howard Stern Show prank caller Captain Janks had some fun at CNN's expense on Wednesday. (Thanks to Gerald P. Delaney, Jr., of Mount Carmel, Pa., for the link.)

Prank Caller Video Of The Day

One of the best e-mails I've ever gotten in the nearly three years I've been writing Hot Clicks came last week after I wrote that I was a Daughtry fan. Joe Clifford, of Berkeley, Calif., wrote, "Jimmy, I religiously read your Hot Clicks every morning. You love the Yankees. You love hot chicks. In another life, we'd be best friends. In short, you seem like a cool dude. Until I read this: 'I'm a Daughtry fan.' Even if it is true, who the f--- admits something like that? It's not like Timmy T's One More Try at karaoke. It's not watching the occasional Disney Channel show. You just admitting to like f---ing Daughtry! On Hot Clicks!! I don't think I can ever read your site again. Maybe not even SI, for fear I'd see your name. This kills me. Really? Jimmy? That bald d----- who sings like he's taking a s---? That Daughtry? The arena-generic-as-f----pseudo grumble rock poser f---wad? That guy? This hurts worse than Melissa Cote not calling me back in the 8th grade. Thanks for ruining my day and ripping away one of the few pleasures I had in this life (Hot Clicks on SI). Jerk."

Interestingly enough, I received similar e-mails the few times that I've mentioned I'm a big Bon Jovi fan. So the video below is for Joe and all the haters out there. I will not be embarrassed about my substandard, questionable, uncool musical tastes!

Chris Daughtry/Bon Jovi Of The Day