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Hot Clicks: Kent State sideline reporter fail; Serinda Swan


Just sit back and enjoy. (Thanks to Andrew Kluft, of Spring Valley, N.Y., for the link.)

Sideline Reporter Video Of The Day

The Cincinnati Reds are auctioning off a chance for YOU to be in their 2010 team photo.

Say Cheese!

Playgirlhas offeredMichael Vick $1 million to pose for its magazine.

Can't Use The Obvious Headline Here

Tinu Varughese, of Rock Tavern, N.Y., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I wanted to point you in the direction of Serinda Swan. She definitely deserves to be on Hot Chicks." She does. But it's Hot Clicks. Clicks. Don't forget that "L." It changes everything.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Serinda Swan ::

Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids, Mich., home of the Class A West Michigan Whitecaps, is polling its fans to see what outrageous food item should be added to its menu. The choices are either astonishing or nauseating -- or both.

SI Recommends

Chocolate-Covered Bacon??? looks at the nine best montages from 1980s sports movies.

Memorable Montages

The Hot Clicks group on Facebook is shutting down soon because Hot Clicks now has a fan page. If you're part of the "group," please become a fan via this page. (You can "friend" me, too, if you're so inclined.) And if you're not part of the group, here is your chance to become a fan. I will be giving away the signed Brooklyn Decker Swimsuit Issue above via that Facebook fan page on Friday, so you need to be a part of it in order to win the magazine.

Big Announcement


I'm assuming Tiger Woods' fake press conference on Friday inspired this video titled Women Lie, Men Lie (They All Lie).

Music Video Of The Day

This woman steals Internet, then complains that it's gone.

Clueless Talk Show Caller Of The Day