Hot Clicks: Erin Andrews on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I told you that Chad Ochocinco was part of the new Dancing With the Stars cast. Last night the entire cast was revealed and it includes a bunch of people I've never heard of (Jake Pavelka, Aiden Turner, Niecy Nash, Evan Lysacek), a couple of women who were TV staples in the early '90s (Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty), an astronaut (Buzz Aldrin) a Pussycat Doll (Nicole Scherzinger) and an ESPN sideline reporter (Erin Andrews).

Dance, Dance

Erin Andrews :: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Dustin Pedroia hates flying, so he's come up with an interesting way to calm himself while in the air.

Rocky To The Rescue

I can't say it's all that surprising that a fire would break out at a soccer game. I can't even say that it's surprising that a fan's feet would catch on fire during a soccer game.

Just Another Crazy Soccer Story

For $49, you can get yourself a bottle of John Calipari bourbon. And as points out, is that Calipari on the bottle, or Joe Pesci?

Drink Up, Wildcats Fans

John Calipari Bourbon

Daniel Snyder is preparing for the NFL's uncapped year by treating himself to a couple of alligator-leather desks and alligator-skin chairs.

Big Spender

There is now an iPhone app called TigerText for all of you who'd like to cheat on your significant others. ... Meanwhile, don't look for Tiger Woods on's revamped Web site. ... A Cowboys cheerleader helpedHunter Mahan win the Waste Management Phoenix Open over the weekend.

Random Links

Check out this highlight reel for Deuce Bello, a 6-foot-3 junior from Westchester Country Day School in High Point, N.C.

Sports Video Of The Day

This is a couple of years old, but still worth a viewing. It's a CNN report about a woman whose Jesus statue was taken as ransom. (Thanks to Neil Perko, of Kirtland, Ohio, for the link.)

News Report Video Of The Day

Yes, Facebook has become an awful site. But, yes, you still should become a fan of Hot Clicks on Facebook so you can get more links and photos. And you should definitely watch this video about why Facebook is a disaster. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) (Thanks to Michael Pueschel, of Beverly, Mass., for the link.)

Facebook Video Of The Day