Hot Clicks: Swimsuit model Catrinel Menghia; Best celebrations

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Desmond Howard :: Getty Images

At the combine an NFL team askedGerald McCoy if he wore a G-string or jock strap when he played at Oklahoma.

The NFL's Version Of "Boxers Or Briefs?" looks at some of the most high-profile wagers made by famous people. This did not make the cut. (Warning: Link contains the s-word.)

Big Bets

In Hot Clicks' quest go international, today's LLOD is Romania's Catrinel Menghia, who is ranked No. 1 on this list of the best-looking Romanian women.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Catrinel Menghia :: SI

It may be time for the NBA to ban trampoline dunks.

Not For The Queasy

Here's a teaser for an upcoming video featuring Manchester United's Wayne Rooney singing along to the Karate Kid's You're the Best Around. ... Tons of you requested that I mention Carrie Underwood after she appeared on last night's How I Met Your Mother. Here's my mention. ... Become a fan of Hot Clicks on Facebook to see videos that don't make it here. A new one was posted this afternoon.

Random Links

Glenn, of Raleigh, N.C., says, "Really??? Never heard of Evan Lysacek? And who do you work for again???" Rico Monge chimes in with, "You don't know who Lysacek is? You should probably look things like that up since you work for a sports magazine!" Jeff Bookwalter, of Columbus, Ohio, goes with, "Nice name-recogniton skills for a guy working for a sports publication. Lysacek won a gold medal at the Olympics in Vancouver. Time to update your résumé?" And Sean Fagain writes, "You really don't know who Evan Lysacek is? Where have you been for the last two weeks? I thought you worked for Sports Illustrated? This big global sporting event just ended and Evan Lysacek was one of the big stars. You have heard of the Olympics?" And Rob, of Medford, N.J. goes for the jugular, "Evan Lysacek is the Olympic men figure skater who won gold. Way to be AMERICAN!!!!!!!"

Here's the deal. Do you want me to lie or be honest? If I'm being honest, then the truth is that I had to ask Gennaro Filice, who sits next to me, about Lysacek. I had no clue. I apologize if this offends any of you, but I didn't watch any of the Olympics and I didn't read any Olympics stories, hence I wasn't familiar with Lysacek. Like I said, I was just being honest.

Relax, People

Thirty people throw a birthday party for a random stranger in a bar.

Prank Video Of The Day

OK Go's video for Here It Goes Again was a Web sensation thanks to its routines on a bunch of treadmills. The group is back with a video for the song This Too Shall Pass. (Thanks to Tyler of Batavia, Ill., DK, of Memphis, and Ryan Mirian, of New York, for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

A jeans company tries to come up with a name for their latest product. The language is mildly dirty. (Thanks to Jason, of Greeley, Col., for the link.)

Commercial Of The Day