Hot Clicks: Chrishell Stause makes us like Murray State; Honoring Bob Uecker

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The day is finally here -- March 18 -- Queen Latifah's 40th birthday. Oh, and there's also this little thing called the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. We have plenty of March Madness-related links, but nobody did a better job than the Bleacher Report, which found the 40 hottest alumni of schools in the tourney. I was tempted to lead with West Virginia's Cheryl Hines because she is so funny and underrated hot, but then my vote swung to Piper Perabo because I caught a replay of Coyote Ugly over the weekend and well, girls dancing on bars in skimpy outfits is a good way to make yourself part of the Hot Clicks All-Star team. I wanted to avoid Ashley Judd, Erin Andrews and Molly Sims because seeing photos of them is like watching the same Seinfeld rerun for the 11th time. So in the end, I chose the underdog Chrishell Stause, a soap opera actress and graduate of Murray State. Go Racers!

Crishell and the Racers

Chrishell Stause :: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Did we mention that you're likely to see a cheerleader or two over the next four days of non-stop college basketball. Guyism looks at the cheerleaders from all 65 teams (using many shots from's award-winning "Cheerleader of the Week" series). If that doesn't fill your quota, has another look at some of the team's cheer rosters. And I was just kidding about that "award-winning" part of's Cheerleader of the Week - but if an award were given for best cheerleading collections on the web, would win the Nobel Prize.

Cheerleaders, Too

Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- makes a college basketball game more exciting than CBS play-by-play man Gus Johnson. So if you can't wait until tipoff, here are Johnson's five best March Madness moments.

Then There's Gus Johnson

Bob Uecker is an American hero -- a career .200 hitter during his six-year major league career who became one of the nation's most beloved broadcasters calling games for the Brewers. He parlayed that into a starring role on Mr. Belvedere as well as my favorite baseball movie of all time (Major League) and a series of Miller Light commercials. But the Ueck will receive his highest honor in a couple weeks when he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I Must Be in the Front Row

Bob Uecker :: AP

This is a photo of J.J. Hardy and Corey Hart playing ping-pong during Brewers spring training a couple years ago. If you look closely to the right, you can see Uecker sporting nothing but a skimpy bathing suit. Ladies, you're welcome.

One More Quick Note on Uecker

For those of you wondering about Jimmy, he is currently in Vegas. He has promised to send me some updates and maybe a video or two from his vacation that I can post in Hot Clicks. According to his Twitter feed, he was excited Jet Blue had TVs so he could enjoy Betty White's appearance on Larry King Live. Because if anyone can get you in the mood for a one-week trip to Las Vegas, it's Larry King and Betty White.

Jimmy Update has a gallery of the best nicknames in sports ... Metallica is planning a series of shows that will rival Pink Floyd's famous 1981 "The Wall" tour. In a related story, my intramural basketball team is planning a series of exhibition games that will rival the Boston Celtics' 1985-86 season ... The cast of Modern Family as sports figures ... Here are 20 great moments in pet walking.

Random Links

The Onion has some fun with the Kentucky coach.

Coach Cal Scandal Video Of The Day

Kentucky Violated NCAA Rules While Recruiting Basketball-Playing Dog

If you like sports, you'll like the One Shining Moment highlights montage at the end of the national championship game. Here is the version from 1992.

1992 One Shining Moment

We're as guilty as anyone for deifying Gus Johnson for his play-by-play work. But Bill Raftery deserves credit for not only one of the greatest calls in sports history (Send it in, Jerome!) but for constantly coming up with new material. Below is an example from last year's tournament, when he described a shot by Syracuse's Kristof Ongenaet as "like a Belgian waffle...sweet!" Granted Ongenaet is from Belgium, but it still shows that the 67-year-old is at the top of his game.

Bill Raftery Video Of The Day